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Vehicle Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

The vehicle mounted water well drilling rig used for geothermal drilling, farm irrigation , house yard, gardens water well drilling, drilling diameter is 70-350mm, and drilling depth is 100m to 150m. It also can be used in small building piling, like farmhouse or factory, the drilling diameter can reach 500mm and depth can be more than 100 meter.

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Product Details

Product Introduction of the  vehicle mounted water well drilling rig

 1. The vehicle mounted well drilling rig has a maximum drilling speed of 120 meters and a diameter of 150 - 750 mm.

2. The vehicle mounted water well drilling rig is used for water wells, geothermal, industrial and agricultural water wells, and domestic water wells.

3. 30 HP tractor mounted, 4 - wheel drive, very easy to move

4. top drive, vibration technology, full hydraulic control, compact structure, simple operation, energy saving and labor saving.

Large torque, high drilling efficiency, about 40 - 50m per hour in soil

5. The vehicle mounted water well drilling rig can drill complex strata such as soil, sand, rock, gravel, etc. mud rotary drilling.


Product parameter(specification) of the  vehicle mounted water well drilling rig

Model of vehicle mounted water well drilling rig


Drilling machine overall dimension(mm)


Weight of vehicle mounted water well drilling rig (kg)


Drill rod diameter (mm)

Ø51, Ø60

Drill rod length(mm)


Rod change method

manual screw thread

Drilling depth(m)


Diesel power (KW)

12.1 KW

Drilling method

Percussive and rotating type

Pump flow (m3/h)


Pump head (m)


Drilling hole diameter(mm)

Within Ø 400

Hosting height(mm)


Hosting capacity (kg)


Completed unit of vehicle mounted water well drilling rig include main engine, tools, 40 meter drill rod, 2 units alloy drilling bit, English manual.


Product feature and application of the  vehicle mounted water well drilling rig

1.Light weight, energy saving. 

2. Patented product, unique design and simple drilling structure; 

3. Easy to transport and can learn how to handle the machine in short time; 

4. Can drill through hard stratum, unless thick rock layer ;  

5. One person operation, reduce the labor intensity ;  

6. High efficiency and work fast. 

7.Assure easily operation and long life service life, free maintainance.


Question 1: What are your advantages compared with your competitors?

With rich industry experience and strict Product Quality Control systems, we provide:

1. Stable and reliable product at reasonable price

2. Good customer service: Fast response to any inquiry or question

3. On-time delivery.

Question 2: Are you manufacturer?  

Answer: Yes, we are manufacturer with more than 10 years' experience.

Question 3:  What are your Price Terms?

Answer: Price can be based on FOB, CFR, or CIF, etc.

Question 4: What are your Payment Terms?

Answer: Payment shall be made by T/T, L/C, or D/P, etc., it varies considerably according to the region that you are in.

Question 5: What's your Minimum Order Quantity?

Answer: Any order quantity is warmly welcomed.

Question 6: Do you have English Manual for each machinery?

Answer: Yes. The instruction manual,the test report and other Data Sheets related shall be provided by us.

Question 7: Can I print my Logo on the machine?

Answer: Yes, sure.

Question 8: Can you customize the machine for me ?

Answer: Yes, we can customize according to customer's requirements.

Question 9: What shall we do if  breakdown occurs?

Answer: Please informed us once the breakdown occurs. During warranty period, if breakdown occurs, we shall respond in time after receiving the notification of the buyer.  We shall handle failure over the telephone/ fax or arrange relevant personnel to the site according to the buyer’s requirements.

Question 10: What are your modes of transportation?

Answer: Courier service, Air transport, Sea Transport.

 Question 11: Which ports do you usually ship at?

Answer: We can load container at: Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou 

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