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Automatic Egg Breaking Machine

Automatic Egg Breaking Machine

The investment is small, our machine is lower price than many other similar machines.

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Product Details


Step 1 :  Preparation of raw materials: Egg separator


Product name: Automatic egg breaking machine

Characteristics of automatic egg breaking machine:

(1) using special centrifugal mechanism design, the material is made of stainless steel, humanized design is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

(2) The rejection of network is using slotted screen structure, high mechanical strength than the flat screen, not easy to damage, easy to plug, good egg filter, granular impurities.

(3) the egg shell is automatically lifted by the vertical cage and discharged through the eggshell outlet. It greatly improve the collection rate at the same time as the egg shell was crushed, reduces the volume, to achieve emission reduction.

(4) It is big capacity equipment, it can process fresh eggs 1000-20000 pieces per hour.

The equipment is small size, without a large workshop and a small investment in basic construction.

(5) The investment is small, our machine is lower price than many other similar machines.

(6) Less labor, because the machine automatic liquid, automatic separation. only need manual feeding egg and collect egg shell.


2. Functions of automatic egg breaking machine:

Separates the eggs remaining from the eggshell after egg broke.

At the same time, break the egg shell to reduce the volume and reduce the emission.

It can automatic break the egg and separate the egg shell and egg automatically.


Product parameter:

Output: 1000-20000 pcs / hour

Rate of egg : 97%-99%

Power: 3KW;

Shape size: 800mm*550mm*1200mm

Step 2: Mixing and stirring of raw materials: Batter mixer


Product name: Electric industrial heavy duty automatic cake dough mixer

Main Features of automatic cake dough mixer:

1.Germany Technical

2.Saving Time and labors cost

3.To make cakes good color and tasting


Main Performance of automatic cake dough mixer:

This machine is composed of cooling system, premix system, store system and mixing system, they are adopted from Germany Technical which is including High efficient cooling, mixing and others ( Mixing with the air and raw materials). The Raw materials can be mixed and cooled in shortest time, then automatically convey to the Cake Forming Machine, This course can make the raw materials clean, non-pollution and no-fermented. And also can save lots of labor and mixing time, so to make makes the product structure exquisite, and the expansion coefficient up to 0.4-0.35, So the finished product will be stable quality, good color  taste better, and longer expiration date.

Step 3:  Spraying cake trays: Oil sprayer


With microcomputer control system, our machine can spray all kinds of baking trays. The big touch screen can adjust each space between molds (on the baking stray) and the mold quantity in each row.

According to the mold size, the oil quantity can be adjusted by computer, and also the tray’s transfer speed can be easily adjusted. This machine can match with the cake grouting machine and tunnel Oven, and compose a set of automatic processing line.

Product Description

It can spray evenly, usually 120 trays per 1kg vegetable oil, and don’t need depanning oil. Not only save the cost but also easy to fall off.

Compared with the foreign sprayer, the biggest advantage of this machine is Only use vegetable oil is ok, and don’t need depanning oil, so can save cost. And also each stray after sprayed was not stained with oil, so improve the working efficient.

With the advanced Intl technology designed Nozzle, it can work long time and without atomization, same function with foreign Sprayer.

The transmit motor adopts advanced converter technique, both energy saving and high efficient.

Spray Capacity: 50-70 trays per minute, can be used for four rotary furnace ‘s speed. Only need one person to operate, convenient to use.


Main Features of oil sprayer:

1. PLC control system , Convenient and Quick Operation

2. Spray evenly, Only with vegetable Oil, No need depanning oil, easy to fall off.

3. Advanced international technology designed Nozzle, without atomization and Durable

4. Advanced converter technique for transmit motor, can save energy and high efficient.

Technical Parameter of oil sprayer:


Automatic baking equipment oil sprayer for cake tray


Stainless Steel 

Squeeze Time

2-6 S/Time


50-70 trays/minute




200 kg





Air Pressure


Step 4: Dispensing cake batter to shape cakes: Batter dispenser


Name: Automatic cake batter dispenser bakery

Features of automatic cake batter dispenser bakery:

1. The machine can be instead of workers to deposit or slice cookies into baking trays;High-efficiency than manual!

2. Save labor cost-each machine equal to 7 workers!

3. Easy-learning&memorized&eco-friendly colour touch screen.

4. Omron Sensor makes sure put food in the best location&speed in trays.

5. Double servo driven system to ensure the stable production and accurate weight of output products.

6. Pneumatic controller and filter ensure the steady input air-pressure.

7. Wire-cut System is multifunctional optional to make different shape of cookies.

8. Conveyor belt made by imported anti-bacterial material can be chosen additionally.

9. There are various of nozzles to choose for making different kinds of cookies.

Step 5 Baking : Tunnel oven


Energy type

Inner hall width

Shape width

Layout power

Normal consumption












Name: tunnel oven

Baking range: bread, cake, moon cake, biscuit, toast, Baguette, etc.  Almost all baked food can be barbecued in this oven.

It can be customized according to customer production length and width.


Performance: it is Japanese technical crystallization developed with the highest security.

Multiple forced combustion and air-gas ratio control complete mixed combustion to ensure complete combustion.

Cycle air temperature system control, hot air circulation system to ensure uniform baking temperature saving energy.

Gas detection system to ensure the safety of use.


Transmission drive device: currently provides two kinds of standard conveyor belt, one is the conveyor chain plate, the other is the transmission network belt, the rotational speed is controlled by the frequency converter. Can accurately control baking time. The oven with extra long and heavy duty products has double drive drum and double drive motor. Drive conveyor belt has automatic deviation correction device.


Observation window exhaust fan: the oven is equipped with a glass tube door with a lighting device to facilitate the user to observe the baking situation. (the high-temperature version of the oven does not have this function) the exhaust door can be manually adjusted. Users can also have motor drive and PLC control system of the oven.


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