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The Principle And Operation Method Of Ice Cream Machine
- Mar 13, 2018 -

The principle of ice cream machine:

The principle of making ice cream is very simple. The raw material is added into the raw material cylinder, the raw material is mixed evenly with the air under the action of the air milk pump, and is transported to the freezing cylinder. The expanded milk is stirred and gradually cooled down in the refrigeration cylinder, and the viscosity increases. When the required viscosity is reached, it is pushed to the outlet under the action of the screw conveyor. When the exit is opened, the machine will squeeze out the finished ice cream.

Operation method:

1. Simply freeze the fruit for 20 hours, and then let it thaw for 10 minutes.

2, start the ice cream switch, put the frozen fruit into the machine, so you can get a healthy dessert!

3, the fruit must be peeled and cut, and the seed has a nucleus to be removed (must be removed).

4, do not move the machine in use, put the ice cream raw material and fruit in the mixing, complete automatically.

The maintenance method of ice cream machine:

1, take off the material groove first, it is convenient for us to clean out the outlet.

2. Rinse with clean water after taking out. It is recommended to use warm water and do not wash out after washing. Dry dry with clean cloth.

3. According to the order of the first step dismantling, the slots are installed.