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The Drilling Method Of The Folding Type Well Drilling Machine
- Mar 13, 2018 -

1. Choose the folding well. General mud layer, better to play with a small can, with hard mortar layer, hard soil, permafrost can choose small drilling equipment in small river, gravel or depth of over 80 meters can choose large drilling equipment

2, the preparation material of the folding well drilling machine before drilling: self sucking pump (commonly known as the well drilling machine) and the white in the downhole

4, 6 or 1 inch PE plastic pipes. Plastic tube bottom part and dense 10 mm Slim, length of 1.5 meters, a large hole at the bottom with small pieces of wood block, small pieces of wood to two sharpened to the tube, with 100 mesh to hit the hole part of the cover layer 1-2.

3. 1.5 or 2.2 kW are selected for internal or external pressure drilling machines. The larger the borehole is, the larger the pump is. Or suction pump for suction. If there is a large amount of coarse sand or more than 12 millimeters in the underground, it is best to choose a pump with high pressure and 1Inch drill rod. When a well is well, a deep hole can be dug near the well and recycled water can be used. If the pit is not convenient to dig the pit, please use the internal suction method to hit the well, that is, the drilling machine is used with the mud pump, and the water is less.

4, when the first folding drilling machine drilling pump after boiling water rig, lay a drill pipe connected to the other one again (for the drill rig and drill to make some change, to prevent the collapse of underground drill hole will be blocked).  When the wells to water: well dug mud is generally brown soil, loess, clay, clay, sand, sand, soil water Xiasha normal wells, there are a lot of sand out, which hit the water (will be very good fight, hit the water rig without press down soon going down again hit 1-3 meters) can be (feel not move immediately stop), not through the sand, because there is no water through. Let the rig turn around for a moment, water the drill pipe and wash out more mud sand. The speed of the drill pipe must be fast to prevent the collapse of the drill rod from pulling out. After putting out the drill pipe, put the plastic pipe into the bottom of the well and continue to draw water into the pipe. When the water becomes clear, fill a barrel of coarse yellow sand to the outer part of the pipe, stop watering after the right amount of water, and pump out the water by the self suction pump.

5, before starting the folding type well drilling machine before reversing, first use the pipe tong to loose the joint and then reverse it, extend the life of the motor and gear, start the water before the drilling machine, and reduce the water seal wear. Try to use less water, mud suction pump suction mud, because it is easy to be blocked on the mud suction pipe.