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The 16th China (Luohe) Food Expo
- May 16, 2018 -

  16 th China (Luohe) Food Exposition was unveiled in Luohe International Exhibition Center on May 16-18. This exhibition famous enterprises gather 25 countries of gourmet food will gather together.


  Luohe, a small inland city in Central China, is famous for its unique food industry charm. In 2003, the birth of the Central Plains Food Festival made the city of food closely linked to the world, and demonstrated a strong food industry strength to promote food economic and trade exchanges. In April 2008, the Central Plains Food Festival was upgraded to China (Luohe) Food Exposition, adding a "golden card" to this famous food city.



The food fair for the first time carried out a comprehensive market-oriented reform, introducing professional companies to plan and operate; Luohe municipal party committee and municipal government set up a food fair comprehensive service coordination committee to provide full service protection, to help the Beijing exhibition company to carry out the relevant preparatory work. Food Expo exhibition area planning area of 45000 square meters. A total of 2300 international standard booth and professional negotiation area. The 16th Food Expo will be completely closed to the Convention and Exhibition Center, security inspection, credentials to enter the real name, enhance the safety factor.


The exhibition booth sales continued the previous popular situation, as of March 26, 2300 booths were sold out, all the exhibition work completed, one month ahead of schedule; A total of 868 enterprises from 22 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and many overseas exhibition groups registered to participate in the exhibition, including Cofco, Shuanghui, 100-year-old Mountain, Beidahuang, Beijing Erguotou, the Alps, Weiwei, Wang Laoji, San Yuan, Dali Garden, Wanda Mountain, Junle Bao, Huiyuan, u-loveit, many Beijing veteran brands and other 82 domestic food top 100 and famous brand enterprises. Exhibitors brand name enterprise numerous, the exhibition image is more high-end. This year, Luohe City will launch the Luohe Image Exhibition to fully display the characteristics and advantages of China's famous food cities; Beijing's veteran enterprises will form a group of appearances; a number of big brands will carry out special display of .2300 booths with different styles. The special clothing exhibition accounts for 67%, in the domestic food exhibition is unique.


In response to the "Belt and Road" strategy, the expo invited many countries along the "Belt and Road" route to participate in the fair. At the same time, it invited well-known international organizations and host countries to take part in the exhibition and strengthen the interaction between domestic and foreign enterprises through exhibitions and special activities. Open the two-way passageways of "go out" and "Please come in". France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Belarus, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Convert 120 standard booths. Malaysia is invited to be the host and guest country of this food fair. On the morning of May 16, Malaysia will host a special event to promote Malaysia's food culture to Chinese businessmen.