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Precautions For The Installation Of A Well Drilling Machine
- Mar 13, 2018 -

1., before installing rigs, we should grasp the exploration data and confirm that the geological conditions are in line with the requirements of the machine. There are no buried objects in the ground and no obstacles in the scope of operation. The safe distance between the construction site and overhead transmission lines is in line with the requirements.

The installation site of the 2. rig should be flat and rammed to carry the working pressure of the machine. When the foundation is bad, the steel plate should be protected under the drill.

3. when the drilling machine is installed, it should be carried out under the command of professional and technical personnel. The installation personnel must be trained, familiar with the installation process and command signal, and have technical measures to ensure safety.

4. the crane that matches the rig should be selected according to the height and weight required when the pile is made. 5. the low voltage transformer should be installed in the lighting power supply of the unit, and the voltage should not exceed 36V. The hoisting equipment, such as (liquid and gas) winch and crane, should not be hoisted up and down. The lifting equipment should not be overloaded.