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Orange Mech Has Promoted New Water Well Drilling Rig Machine
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Early this January 2019, our factory director announced that we would officially launch our second generation water well drilling machines.


Compared with first generation water well drilling rig, the second generation rig has the following four point advantages:

1. Water diameter:

First generation, the water diameter of the drilling rig is 25mm; Second generation, the water diameter of the drilling rig is 28mm. When the diameter of water flowing increases, the loss of flow pressure is small and impurities such as mud and other impurities drilled in the drilling process can be flushed out of the well more effectively.

2. Section steel used for slide way of main engine support:

First generation, the rig adopts non-standard 6.3 channel steel, thickness at the thinnest point 4 mm, thickness at the thickest point 6 mm; Second generation, we adopt national standard 8-channel steel, the thinnest part is 5.5 mm, the thickest part is 9 mm. The increase greatly reduces the possibility of shaking and deformation in the drilling process, which makes the whole machine run more smoothly, thus improving the working efficiency to a large extent.

3. Car wheel structure:

First generation, the wheels of the car are bearings; Second generation, car wheels are made of round steel of the corresponding size, with bearings inside. After upgrading, the contact point between the trolley and the slide is both rigid and ductile, which makes the impact resistance of the small wheels stronger and the wheels more durable, indirectly reducing the maintenance cost in the use process. 

4. Surface treatment:

First generation uses common paint; Second generation uses high-grade paint. The paint is glossy and durable.


After upgrading, the drilling rig is more strong and durable than the first generation, at the same time, its appearance is also significantly improved..