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New Achievements In October
- Oct 15, 2018 -



I have been working in the company for one month. During this period, I was deeply impressed by the deep concern of the company leaders, the solidarity and friendship among colleagues and the strong atmosphere of work.

After joining on September 10th, I got to know all the teams and members in the morning meeting and the noon meeting. Each team has its own team call and team wish, and makes efforts to advance towards their own wishes.

Everything comes to him who waits, we see the monthly results in the Commendation meeting, they are all my role model.Even the National Day holiday, we do not relax work, many colleagues has also won a lot of orders in the holiday.

On October 8, the first day after the National Day holiday, the company held a Commendation meeting, a welcome party and a birthday party.I spoke as a new member, and I was happy to see everyone's awards and prizes.This is a big family full of love, unity, passion and motivation.

On October 10th, the headquarters of Alibaba south henan held a commendation conference, which won the "first two star account -- star shining", "top three business

opportunities -- service star", "top three -- credit protection talent" and the prize for your hard work.

No pain, no gain. Let us toward the direction of the effort.