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Technical Support In India---Hydroponic Fodder System
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The industrial sprout growing machine is automatically controlled by microcmputer which is energy-saving and water-saving. It is easy to be managed which makes cultivation of green grass in large, small and medium sized farms(for camels, cattle, horses, deer and sheep, etc.)nore suitable for desert, Gobi Desert, islands as well as other drought and water shortage countries and regions whose natural environment is not suitable for plant growth.

Between Nov.26th - Dec.10th, our technical worker will be in India offer after-sale service.

Our customer mainly use our machine to work for garlic.

Before our customer reach India, customer has been clean the machine.

When our worker reached India, buy garlic - soaking garlic - put garlic into our machine.

With several days effort, the garlic growing up successfully .