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How To Choose Ice Cream Machine?
- Mar 13, 2018 -

We all know that there are many types of fruits such as ice cream machine, ice cream machine, soft ice cream machine, hard ice cream machine, long rainbow ice cream machine, ice cream machine, home ice cream machine, ice cream machine and double long ice cream machine system and so on, and according to height can be divided into Taiwan type ice cream machine and vertical ice cream machine.

Fruit ice cream machine with fresh fruit as material, without adding any fruit in addition to things outside the entire production process, in the absence of added without the burden of the case, the use of physical mechanical principle will become the manufacturing ice cream, completely retained cellulose, nutrient composition of fruit, only partial ripe bananas and other fruit peel and frozen, pressed into the grinding mouth, you can create a pure natural health food in the true sense. It is very suitable for home use.

The soft ice cream machine is an automatic mechanical and electrical equipment designed for the production of soft ice cream.

Hard ice cream machine is a kind of hard ice cream production automation equipment, according to the model, can be divided into desktop hard ice cream machine, mobile hard ice cream machine, automatic hard ice cream machine.

Three color ice cream machine has two storage cylinder two refrigeration cylinder and three outlet, and three colors or three flavors of ice cream, including two kinds of pure taste and a mixed taste. The more common the ice cream machine on the market, in the general weight of 150KG, the power between 1700W-4000W dollars. Suitable for all kinds of ice cream shop, restaurant, bar, cafe, cinema and so on Yield and flavor of ice cream requires more occasions.

Rainbow ice cream machine is increased by two if VAT based on ordinary ice cream machine (jam on your fruit, sugar and acidity regulator after mixing, a temperature of 100 DEG C boiled gel substance, also known as Guo Zijiang), with a layer of jam in the rainbow ice cream, so called Rainbow ice cream.  There are two common and three cylinder rainbow rainbow ice cream ice cream machine, two cylinder two storage cylinder, two refrigeration cylinder, two fruit jar and three outlet, and three colors: two rainbow ice cream and a ice cream sandwich.

The table ice cream machine is more suitable for occasions with limited operation space. For example, the bar, coffee shop operation room. This ice cream machine can also be directly placed on the bar. The takeaway can be sold. Because the desktop design is compact and not conducive to heat dissipation. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the vertical machine is superior to that of the desktop. Therefore, it is recommended to use vertical ice cream machine when the environment temperature is too high.

1, the cold system design is advanced, the structure is reasonable, the production is excellent, the key parts are all technology production and matching, Italy Ashibei La compressor, Danfoss filter, solenoid valve, expansion valve and so on, so the refrigeration performance is reliable.

2, you can adjust the degree of hard and soft ice cream. The production of multiple products makes the difference between the form of ice cream forming and the hardness and degree of adaptation. It can be adjusted properly through the machine's constant temperature adjusting device at the discharging temperature of -5 C ~-7 C.

3. The expansive rate of ice cream can be adjusted. The expansive index of ice cream is changed by adjusting the size of the feed hole of the regulating valve, depending on the consistency of the ice cream mixture.