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Guinean Customers Visited Our Company And Discuss The Diesel Hydraulic Rig
- May 29, 2018 -

Luohe City is a famous city of Zhongyuan Food and has just held the 16th China (Luohe) Food Expo. The two rivers Shahe and Lihe run through the entire city, with beautiful scenery. Accompanied by the foreign trade manager, they visited the drilling rig workshop of the factory and focused on the related matters of the diesel hydraulic drilling rig.


In the workshop, the customer watched the drilling process of the drilling rig. The customer puts forward the customized requirements in combination with the actual conditions of his country. Customers and engineers discussed the diesel engine's power, start-up method, transport wheel size, PDC drill bits and other details and reached a consensus. We can customize the required drilling rigs according to customer requirements.


After field visits, the customers were very satisfied with our drilling rig. After that,he visited our foreign trade office and discussed with the foreign trade manager about the details of the contract. The meeting between the two parties was very happy and laid a good foundation for future cooperation.