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Good Overseas After-sale Service
- Jul 27, 2018 -

In order to service our customers better, we not only focus the quality and stability of our machinery products, but also pay much attention to overseas after-sales service.


Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and other countries are all large overseas markets of our company. After machines sold, to protect our customers' interests, we will help customers to operate machines until customer can use the machines without any difficulty; if big problem occurs, our engineers will go overseas and solve the problem on site.


In middle July, one African customer told he had problem with the food machine. Hearing this, without any hesitation, company sent two engineers to customer' country within 72 hours.


After two days of continuous hard work, the machine began to run properly again. Thus avoided loss to the customers' production, and made sure this customer has no worries about after sales.