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Classification And Selection Of Packaging Machine
- Mar 13, 2018 -

There are many kinds of packing machines and many methods of classification. Starting from a different point of view can have a variety of products, according to the state, liquid, massive, granular packing machine; according to the packing function, internal packaging, packing machine; in the packaging industry, food, daily chemical industry, textile and other packaging machine; according to the packaging station, a single station, station packaging machine; divided by automation, semi-automatic, automatic packaging machine etc..

(1) three dimensional transparent film packaging machine

It is mainly used for the three dimensional packaging of transparent film in all kinds of medium and high grade products. The effect is as beautiful as the cigarette case. It has the characteristics of energy saving and electricity saving, the packaging effect is exquisite and so on.

(2) filling machine

A filling machine is a packing machine that loads the exact quantity of the package into various containers. The main types are:

(1) volumetric filling machine. Including the cup type, tube type, plunger type, material type, screw type, timing type filling machine.

(2) weighing type filling machine. It includes intermittent weighing type, continuous weighing type, weighing - centrifuge type filling machine.

(3) counting filling machine. It includes single - piece counting, multi - piece counting filling machine. Capsule Filling Machine

(3) the sealing machine

A sealing machine is a machine that sealers the containers filled with packaging. The main types are:

(1) sealing machine without sealing material. It includes hot pressing, cold pressure, welding, intercalation, folding and other sealing machines.

There are sealing material sealing machine. Including rotary, rolling, winding, compression and other sealing machines.

(3) a sealing machine with auxiliary sealing material. It includes tape, adhesive, nailed, ligation, suture and other sealing machines.

(4) wrapping machine

A wrapping machine is a packing machine that is wrapped up all or partly by a flexible packaging material. The main types are:

(1) all wrapped wrapping machine. It includes knotting, covering, fitting, seaming and so on.

2. Half wrapped wrapping machine. It includes folding, shrinking, stretching, winding and other wrapping machines.

(5) multi-function packaging machine

This kind of packaging machine has two or more than two functions. The main types are:

(1) filling the sealing machine. It has two functions of filling and sealing.

(2) forming and filling sealing machine. It has three functions of forming, filling and sealing. The forming types include bag forming, bottle forming, box box forming, bubble cover molding, melting molding, etc.

3. Type filling and sealing machine. It has the function of setting, filling and sealing. Stereotype

The double sided wafer three-dimensional packaging machine sealing machine. It can seal the cover and bottom two surfaces at the same time. When the box is sealed, the box can be placed side or upright.

(6) shrink wrapping machine

Shrink packaging machine can shrink quickly and perfectly without affecting the quality of packaging during shrinkage process. After packaging, products can be sealed, moisture-proof, impact resistant, suitable for multiple items tightly packed and pallet packaging. Shrink Wrapper

(1) heat shrinkable packer. Using PLC and touch screen fully automatic computer control, and has the function of non film alarm and sealing barrier alarm function

(2) tableware shrink packaging machine. It is a special contractile packaging machine for tableware.

3. Plate shrinkage packing machine. It is designed for shrink packaging of plate, glass plate, etc., and is suitable for shrinkage packing of any shrinkable film

(4) food shrink packaging machine. It is applied to light industry, food, drink, candy, cultural supplies, arts and crafts, hardware tools, daily department stores, chemical products, etc.

(5) far infrared contraction machine. Packaged products can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti pollution, protect goods from external impact, have certain cushioning properties, and are widely used for packaging various small products.

(7) vacuum filling machine

The CH-A600 type nitrogen vacuum packaging machine is food pre vacuum packed equipment automatically taking the packing bag air reaches a predetermined degree of vacuum, then filled with pure nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ethylene and other gases, and then complete the packing process.

The CH-A600 type vacuum nitrogen filling packing machine is Lichuan hchanghui mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. [1] adopts the international advanced packaging technology, manufacture of nitrogen, vacuum, nitrogen filling, semi automatic multi-function heat sealing packaging machinery as a whole, working procedure by delta PLC programming system for automatic control, large LCD touch screen display. Can independently adjust the working part time according to the volume of packaging materials and different, can also use the single link alone.

The machine is composed of a degreasing water air filtration system, molecular sieve air separation nitrogen adsorption system, vacuum generator, vacuum system, ultrafiltration gas supply system, heating system instantaneous heat sealing, Delta PLC programming control system, free lifting rack, stainless steel casing and studio. This machine can be used with other equipment and production machine.

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