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Alibaba Organized A Group Of Foreign Trade Companies To Visit Our Company
- Jun 27, 2018 -

On June 27, 2018, Alibaba organized a group of foreign trade companies in Luohe to visit our company for study and business exchanges.


This year marks the 6th year of our company's registration with Alibaba International. Due to its rapid development and outstanding performance, Luohe Orange Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd has now become a benchmark company in Luohe Foreign Trade Companies.


First of all, General Manager Yuan told everyone about the history of our company's Alibaba International Station along the way. From selecting products, finding suppliers, sending products, locating and owning factories, this has undergone many hardships. At present, our main products exported by Orange Mechanical are drilling rigs, packaging machines, juicers, nail beads machine, ice cream cone machines and other food processing machinery and agricultural machinery. After a few years of hard work, we have already owned our own factories and a number of foreign trade sales teams. In the future, we will set up offices overseas to make our services more thoughtful and make our customers more convenient.


After listening to General Manager Yuan’s share, the Alibaba Operations Manager went on to describe the specific operating procedures of the Alibaba International Station and the functions that can help the foreign trade companies achieve, so that everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding of the operation and operation of the foreign trade business.


After the meeting, the representatives of the foreign trade companies, accompanied by General Manager Yuan, visited our company, learned about our corporate culture, and were familiar with the various foreign trade sales teams. This not only allows more of our peers to understand our Orange Mechanical, but also lays a good foundation for future cooperation and exchanges. Finally, the representatives of the foreign trade companies visited this time took photos together.