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The Manual of The Diesel Hydraulic Well Drilling Machine
- May 07, 2018 -

The diesel engine hydraulic water well drilling machine need to be installed with diesel water pump set.

Please to see the below picture which shows the diesel water pump set.


The name of the parts of the diesel water pump set is listed as below: 


  1、fuel tank cap  

  2、fuel return pipe 

  3、air filter 

  4、fuel tank 

  5、engine body 

  6、oil dipstick


  8、high-pressure oil pipe 

  9、tank cap

  10、tank body air director 

  11、high-pressure oil pump 

  12、gear chamber cap 

  13、exhale device hole 

  14、decompression rein 

  15、tank cap cover

  16、oil pipeline 

  17、star rein  


Please see the below starting method of the diesel water pump set. 

The diesel water pump set was adopted by the power of Four horsepower diesel engine. The start method is pulling up.  

The pulling up method:

1. Please turn the rein to the location of “on”, then screw it tightly.

2. Pulling the start rein Slowly until it cannot be pulled out.  

3. Please let the rein back to original place Slowly.

4. Pulling up the decompression rein then release it.

5. Please pull out the start rope powerful and promptly. Then the diesel engine is started.

6. If the diesel engine cannot be started, please try again from step 2.

Attention: Do not release the start rein suddenly, to avoid the rein rebound to hit the diesel engine. You should let it back along with the elasticity of the starter.      


The Use And Maintenance Instruction Of The Diesel Engine

1. Selection of lubricating oil: Diesel engine oil CA30 is selected in summer, and diesel engine oil CA20 is selected in winter.

2. Fill the machine with clean lubricant. The oil level is between the two scales of the oil gauge.

3. Add clean diesel fuel to the tank. Choose 0# diesel in summer and 0# or -10 # diesel in winter.


Installation And Debugging

1. After reading the instructions carefully, perform the actual drilling work after the test runs well.

2. First check the rig equipment, tool accessories, etc. are in good condition.

Add proper amount of gear oil to the speed reducer.

3. For joystick of the hydraulic water well drilling rig, there’s the mark there’s the marks of rise and fall, drilling rig corotation or reversal (drilling and unloading drill rod).

Please follow the instructions.

4. Do not raise the rig too high when lifting. Do not stand or work under the rig.

Mastering Of The Water Zone 

When the rig is drilled to the required depth, it should be noted that the water is flushed with large sand or mud-like water, like water-white mud balls, irregularly rounded, slightly smooth, and this phenomenon is the water layer. This position is fine.


How to Drill

1. Dig a hole

At the rig first dig a hole diameter and drill bit size, put in the drill bit, dig a water reservoir in distance drilling position beside the size of the (reservoir) according to the drilling depth, put the sewage pump in filled with water, and work with a hose rod aqueduct connection.

2. Install the drilling machine

Move the drilling machine to correspond the drill center in the closed door and the hole, adjust the four corners to adjust the balance so as to avoid the shaking in the drilling process. (if the aperture is large, the shelves shake, please strike four piles in the four corners, preventing the shelf from moving back and forth.)

3. Install the rod

Connect the water hose to the water pipe and the other end to the pump. Connect the power supply, lift the motor, aim the drill pipe at the main rod, the other end to the drill bit, trigger the switch, automatic lever. After the drill pipe is installed, open the pump, start the machine and start drilling.

Remark: the foot pedal on the bottom of the rig can adjust the lifting and lifting speed. The drill pipe is used for the first time.

4. Change the rod

Stop drilling for the first lever after the fight, switch, then stop the pump water supply, throw improve switch, let the drill pipe section head, fell on the door, card unloading rod wrench, pull to the fulcrum good, start is switch down, unscrew the pole and the main pole, raise the nose to the appropriate location, put another drill pipe up and down for good, open switch, pick up a good bit, start the water supply pump, start the machine continue to drill down, so repeatedly, reach the depth, they want to find the right water geological sand bed.

5. Wash well

When the well hits the proper depth, turn off the drilling switch, and only open the water pump to flush the well. When there is no sediment in the hole, it can start unloading the drill pipe.

6. Rod

The unloading rod wrench stuck drill pipe and main stem section head, throw down is switch, let nose and drill pipe separation, the wire rod device installed in motor main stem head back, fixed on both sides of the pin, slow down, let the unloading rod stuck drill pipe, make silk into unloading rod head key card slot. Start the upside down switch, lift the drill pipe, fall into the closed door, and then use the pole wrench to jam the stem and the bottom of the drill pipe, start the inverted switch, and remove the drill pipe. Remove the unloaded drill stem and cycle until the drill rod is discharged.

7. To the drill

According to bit size, within the scope of the closed door, can be directly put forward bit range of closed doors, with a rope fixed bit, with the rebar (steel tube), put it near the wellhead, move machine away and then pull out the bit.

8. Put down the pipe

When the drill pipe is removed, the PVC pipe is suitable according to the size of the wellhead. (PVC pipe has a row of holes at the bottom, wrapped in a strainer to prevent the extracted water from containing sediment)


1. The drill rig is a small drilling machine. The drill hole is within 28cm, and the corresponding drilling machine tube is usually 51mm.

2. The diameter is 28cm, drilling depth is 120 meters. The rig method: first to use with 12cm drilling bit to dig, and then take out part of the drill pipe, change into 24 cm bit, then go down to the appropriate depth.

3. When the drill pipe is used for the first time, put some butter on it, so that it can be convenient.

Equipment Maintenance

Whether the gearbox (sprocket box) of the rig and the gearbox of the hoist is oil-deficient, flush the pump, drill and joint head after each drilling and completion, check the joint head, reverse switch, triangle belt, wire rope, etc. Is there any damage? Drill pipe joint threads often have to be coated with some lubricant to facilitate the removal of the drill pipe.



1. In the actual drilling, first find the position of the wellhead and level the rig base to avoid shaking during work.

2. Stand upright on the rig and fasten it with bolts.

3. Connect one end of the high pressure hose to the inlet of the rig and the other end to the outlet of the pump. Tighten with a wire.

4. Dig a reservoir next to the rig, place the pump vertically in the pool, and use recycled water to work.

5. When the well is drilled, the safety cover is opened, the drill and drill pipe, the main machine, and the steel wire rope are in a relaxed state. Each rod must be drilled in the end, and the host part falls to the bottom. When changing rods, it is necessary to lift up and close the safety cover so that the drill pipe joint is 5 cm above the safety cover. Use the randomly delivered wrench to hold the joint and turn the drill to reverse the drill rod from the drill transition section. Remove it.

6. When drilling 2 to 3 drill pipes, it is necessary to determine whether the pump is blocked by sediment and keep the water pump running smoothly, so as not to block the drill bit or mud, and make it difficult to lift the rod.

7. When drilling, if you need to pour the wire, first stop the switch in the middle position, and then wait for the drill to stop, then pour the wire, which will extend the life of the reducer. If used improperly, there will be too much counter force inside the reducer, which will reduce the life of the reducer and even cause damage.

8. During handling, be careful of parts and wires to avoid collision or rain.