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Essential points of operation of water well drilling machine
- Aug 16, 2018 -

1.Site selection
Chose the location of the well, select the wellhead position, dig deep 30 to 50cm with a shovel, the well diameter of 10-30cm.Move the mounting bracket to the top of the well head in alignment. Generally the surface of the earth of the location of the well requires solid density, there are no bricks, stones, and firewood below. In order to avoid the seepage, collapse and subsidence of the drilling operation, avoid security risks.
2.Dig reservoirs
Dig a reservoir which diameter is more than 1.5 square meters and depth of one meter at the place about four meters away from the wellhead(also can determine the distance according to the actual terrain, the length of the water pipe).Use a wooden pole to lift the pressure pump across the sink(It is appropriate to cover the water pump with water plane),connect the other end of the pump pipe to the faucet of the drilling machine.
3.Starting up
Link the drill to the drill rod, the main machine lift up the machine head, the other person fits the first drill rod with the drill bit
. The main controller lift slowly down the machine head, the other person works with the hand driller slowly through the base hole into the well drilling hole, vertical centering. Start the drilling machine and pump, the drill rod turns and goes underground. Be sure to keep in mind: The drill is rotated clockwise when drilling, unidirectional, in case the drill rod disconnects.
4.Install and exchange drill rod
After drilling the first drill rod, the other person close off safety clasp, plug unloading rod fastener. The main control machine reverse to rotate drill rod counterclockwise, the lifting head is separated from the drill rod, lifting the machine head, the other person take another drill rod, Manually rotating top thread connecting machine head, connect the bottom joint. The main control machine is turned on clockwise to tighten the drill rod, open safety, remove unloading rod fastener, turn on clockwise rotation, continue to drill down. Repeat the above actions over and over again. Find the ideal water-bearing geological sand layer according to the depth you want.
 5.Disassemble/ Unload the drilling rods
When drilling down to the ideal depth of aquifer,record the depth of the water-bearing sand layer,stop the drilling and only start the water pump to pump water to clean the well, flush all the mud and sand out of the well, then start disassembling the rods. Firstly, close the safety clasp and plug unloading rod fastener, separate the machine head from the drill rod by rotating counterclockwise. Secondly, install the unloading rod device on the machine head tightly, slowly go down the machine head until the unloading rod device fit the drilling rod at the bottom base, rotate and lock, then lift. Stop until the drilling rod bottom joint is lifted above the base safety clasp, close the safety clasp and plug unloading rod fastener, rotate counterclockwise, the drilling rod will be disassembled automatically, the other person remove the drilling rod. Repeat the above actions.

NOTE: When remove the last drilling rod with the bit, to avoid scratches, remember power off the machine and remove it manually, and slowing lift it up from the bottom base.


Routine Maintenance Tips of Water Well Drilling Rig

1.Please handle with care during the moving of the machine, avoid rain splash.

2.The motor wires cannot be contacted with each other in case of electricity connection.

3.Check the steel cable quality for necessary exchange.

4.Before or after the use of the drilling rod, use lubricating oil to prevent rust.

5.The motor cannot work overload for a long time.

6.Check the circuit and transformer safety device if the motor doesn’t work.