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Use manual for vacuum packaging machine
- May 11, 2018 -

1. User

Vacuum packaging sealer machine is suitable for plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as packaging materials, solid, liquid, powder, paste tea, food, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemicals, electronic components, precision instrumentation, rare metals, etc. Vacuum packaging or vacuum inflatable packaging can effectively prevent oxidation, poisoning, rot, and dampness of the product after packaging, achieve shelf life, insurance, taste protection, color retention, and extend product shelf life.

2.Function and characters

The cover is made of fully transparent organic glass, which shows the process of packaging

vacuum packaging sealer machine has functions of vacuum, sealing and forming once. Different packaging materials have different packaging requirements. The machine is equipped with vacuum pressure, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time and other adjustment devices to achieve the best packaging effect. This machine can be equipped with a printing device that is convenient for changing characters and printing clearly according to the user's requirements. At the same time when the sealing is recorded, the quality date of the product is stamped on the sealing line, the date of manufacture or the serial number of the product, in order to comply with the requirements of the National Timing Labeling Act.

vacuum packaging sealer machine has advanced design, complete functional requirements, stable and reliable performance, a wide range of uses, high sealing strength, and convenient use and maintenance. It is an ideal small vacuum packaging machine.

2. Structure and principle

vacuum packaging sealer machine consists of organic glass cover, vacuum studio, body, microcomputer control system and vacuum system. Vacuum chamber with hot seal not seen, the heating element is nickel-chromium tape, the parts are absolutely insulated between the bakelite hot pressing frame and the vacuum upper cover, the bakelite hot pressing frame is tightly attached to the air bag, and the air bag is in a vacuum state before the heat sealing At the time of heat sealing, the airbag is connected to the atmosphere through the solenoid valve to generate a pressure difference. vacuum packaging sealer machine is a single-phase power AC220v50HZ, using a microcomputer control system (countdown), simple control without professionals


Vacuum packaging sealer machine is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum solenoid valve, deflation solenoid valve and other vacuum systems as actuators. When the vacuum pump is started, it can be evacuated from the vacuum chamber. When the preset vacuum level is reached, the vacuum book is automatically stopped, and the entire program is turned to the next program. This machine uses a rotary vane vacuum pump.


Vacuum packaging sealer machine mechanism and panel operation, the vacuum system schematic diagram shown in Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3


1. Seal 1 2. Perspex cover 3. Sealing strip 4. Sealing 2

4. Control Panel 6 Travel Switch 7. Vacuum Gauge

8. vacuum studio 9 glass cover button 10 body 11, direction wheel




4 Computer System Operation Instructions

Operation engineering

The plug is inserted into the socket where the grounding device is installed, the plexiglass button is loosened, the power switch is turned on, and the system is powered on to enter the standby state (the control panel indicator lamp is on). At this time, various control data, such as vacuum, are set on the computer control board as required. Time, sealing time, deflation time, single and double sealing, etc.


When the plexiglass is covered, the system enters the running system and the display window begins to count down until the work is completed and the system enters the standby state.




Working process: vacuum seal bleed cooling


The LED3 indicator flashes, indicating that the trip switch is closed in standby state. There are two situations in which the alarm state of the package will occur. One is when the control board is energized before the limit switch is closed, and the other is to press the emergency stop button during work execution. The mid-packaging process of the machine did not reset the travel switch. When the travel switch is reset, the control panel automatically exits the alarm state

Each indicator function is as follows






Single seal status indication

Set as single seal


Double seal status indication

Double seal


Stop or pass instructions



Each key function:

K1: Power On Key K2: Vacuum Time Reduction

K3: Increased vacuum time K4: Reduced sealing time

K5: Increased sealing time K6: Reduced cooling time

K7: Increased cooling time K8: Emergency stop K9: Double seal setting key




Working hours are set as follows


Vacuum time 0-99 seconds

Sealing time 0-9.9 seconds

Cooling time 0-99 seconds


The set time can be blackout memory


Control board wiring diagram


7 Control Description


Turn on the power of the control panel, the data display direction on the control panel can work

Single indicator light is on, indicating that the inner seal is set to be sealable

Double indicator light is on, indicating that both sides of the seal are set to be sealable

If the packaging needs to be interrupted during packaging, press the emergency stop button, which interrupts the packaging process and automatically deflates



Must read the specification in detail before operation, familiar with the adjustment and use

Regular maintenance of the vacuum pump, refueling, and prohibition of reversal, so as to avoid the loss of the pump, change the oil once a year, use hydraulic oil

Frequently inspect the high temperature cloth (polytetraethylene) that is sealed under the hot-press frame. Whether there is foreign matter, whether it is smooth, ensure the sealing strength.

Always check the grounding of the machine for good contact and ensure safe power usage.