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The wide application of food machinery and equipment in the noodle processing industry
- Mar 13, 2018 -

China is divided into North and south, and the northerners are mainly pasta. The existence of the noodles broke the law. Not only in the South or in the north, most families will save a bit of noodles as a breakfast or dinner material, and are also used as a good guest for a long time. China has a long history of noodles, which has transformed in the development of the food industry and radiate vitality.

The production of Chinese noodle can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty, and the ancient time is called the face. It is reported that the wet dough and knead the little finger thick noodles, disc hanging on the wooden frame, down a short round stick, thick noodles gradually elongated in the wood is attenuated under pressure, and dry, became Hanging noodles, Hanging noodles good taste and convenient, low cost and easy storage is one of the main people's favorite pasta.

Food machinery and equipment are widely used in the noodle processing industry.

The production mode of small workshop is difficult to adapt to the development of the noodle industry. In the development of the food industry, food machinery began to be widely used. The first thing is to use the drying equipment to reduce the food pollution and improve the quality and safety of the products. Therefore, the noodle dryer has quickly entered the noodle production workshop or enterprise, and the application of noodles machine, face press, wall machine and other equipment has also been accelerated.

To this day, the mechanized noodle production has completely eliminated the traditional handicraft, and has made a great breakthrough in taste and nutrition. The market demand has decided that the selling industry must be upgraded to automation, scale and mechanization. In recent years, most of China's noodle making enterprises have entered the fast lane of selling and selling. We have built an automatic production line composed of flour mill, flour mill, flour press, pre cook machine, cutting machine, dryer, cutting machine and noodle measuring packer.

With the change of the economic development situation, all industries are facing the opportunities and challenges brought by the new social economy and the change of science and technology, and the industry of the noodles is no exception. In the trend of consumption upgrading, the demand for pasta consumption has changed, and new indicators such as safety, health, convenience and so on. The implementation of China's manufacturing and development strategy also puts forward new requirements for the noodle industry, and the production of noodles has come to the key intersection of technological innovation and product upgrading. At the same time, the competition of the noodle industry is fierce, and the development of new products becomes the theme of the industry. The production of new products can not directly use the traditional surface of the production process, many programs and processing equipment need to make adjustments and optimization. With the improvement of food safety consciousness, the sterilization requirements in vermicelli production process is more stringent, and the equipment used for sterilization, dynamic sterilizer and so on still needs further improvement.