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The trend of the innovation of food packaging is green and environmental protection
- Mar 13, 2018 -

It is understood that many Chinese snacks manufacturers do not pay much attention to packaging design, and even if there is a snack company that attaches importance to packaging design, they may also abandon further optimization of packaging because of no reliable way. This, perhaps is a big business opportunity for the soft packaged food packaging bag enterprise! As the snack makers complain, even offering the same or even better products, but still selling other competitors, why? Food packaging bag suck! Consumers are picky, in addition to the brand, the face is also their choice standard. Consumers look at the face of the degree is too Maiduhaizhu, the producer is naked, bloody reality.

In the future, food is bound to make a great deal of effort in the food packaging bag. The packaging design of the food packaging bag will also have a great market in the future. This is a very big opportunity for the soft packaged food packaging bag enterprises. The flexible packaging enterprises that can provide excellent packaging designs for food packages will also have more stable orders, more and more stable customers in the future.

With the concept of low carbon environmental protection become the main theme of society, many fields are practising low carbon environmental protection, and so is the field of packaging materials. Many environmental pollution packaging materials are fading out of our life. The green packaging materials have become the development trend and future of the packaging industry. There are many kinds of green packaging materials. In general, they can be divided into four kinds: recycled materials, reusable packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials.

Reusable packaging materials are mainly used to package glass bottles, such as beer, drinks, etc., which can be used repeatedly. The regenerated packaging materials mainly refer to the plastic packaging materials. This kind of packaging material can be made into a regenerative packaging container after being disposed of by physical method. After treatment by chemical method, regenerative packaging products can be made. However, the shortcomings of these two methods are only to reduce the pollution of the environment, and to the final treatment, it is also necessary to face the problem of environmental pollution. Edible packaging materials are packaging materials that can be eaten together with food, such as ice cream, corn baking cup and so on. It is reported that edible packaging films and plastic wrap have been successfully developed, and are entering the packaging market. We believe that the two green packaging materials will have greater utilization and development prospects. Degradable green packaging materials refer to degradable plastic packages. After completing the mission, the plastic can be degraded and reduced in nature and has no pollution to the environment. Paper material refers to paper packaging material. We know that paper is made of natural plant fiber. The packaging material made of it naturally means a green packaging material, and its recycling value is very high, and the technology is also very mature.