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The manual of small water well drilling rig
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Thank you for choosing the small water well drilling rig from our company.

Please carefully take a reference of  the below instructions before you using this kind of drilling rig.

Production Classification and Instruction

Therere two types water well drilling rig produced by our company, theyre electrical type and hydraulic type.

The are two models(they’re 180 and 240) of electrical water well drilling rig. The structures are almost same, the differences are between the rigs.


The above picture shows the Model No. 180 electrical water well drilling rig.

The names of the parts:

1. DC series motor; 2. Turn on/off button, which can control the drilling rig corotation or reversal; 3. hoister operating button; 4. riser of the drilling rod; 5.  safe cover; 6. Water inlet.

The below picture shows the Model No. 240 electrical water well drilling rig. 


This Small Water Well Drilling Rig is consist of frame, hoister, drilling rig and operating button, etc. The drilling rig includes the motor, decelerator and water seal axis.  

This below picture shows the hydraulic water well drilling machine.

Therere two types of hydraulic water well drilling rig, diesel engine water well drilling rig and gas engine water well drilling rig. This picture shows the diesel engine water well drilling rig. The power is supplied by diesel engine.

These two types of water well drilling machine is applicable to the places where there’s no electricity, such as wild field. Its characteristics are large power, well adaptive etc. If using he PDC drilling bit, It can dig a well in the rocky areas. 

The diesel engine hydraulic water well drilling machine need to be installed with diesel water pump set. And gas engine water well drilling rig need to be installed with gas water pump set.

The Use and Maintenance Instruction of The Diesel Engine

1. Selection of lubricating oil: Diesel engine oil CA30 is selected in summer, and diesel engine oil CA20 is selected in winter.

2. Fill the machine with clean lubricant. The oil level is between the two scales of the oil gauge.

3. Add clean diesel fuel to the tank. Choose 0# diesel in summer and 0# or -10 # diesel in winter.


I. Installation And Debugging

1. After reading the instructions carefully, perform the actual drilling work after the test runs well.

2. First check the rig equipment, tool accessories, etc. are in good condition.

Add proper amount of gear oil to the speed reducer.

3. When using the Model 180 electrical water well drilling rig, please change the voltage of 220V to 60V charging generator, adjust current to level 2 or 3, one side of charging generator plug connect to 220V voltage, connect another side to the plug of drilling machine.

4. For turn on/off operating button of the electrical water well drilling rig, there’s the marks of rise and fall, drilling rig corotation or reversal (drilling and unloading drill rod).

For joystick of the hydraulic water well drilling rig, there’s the mark there’s the marks of rise and fall, drilling rig corotation or reversal (drilling and unloading drill rod).

Please follow the instructions.

5. Do not raise the rig too high when lifting. Do not stand or work under the rig.

II. Mastering Of The Water Zone 

When the rig is drilled to the required depth, it should be noted that the water is flushed with large sand or mud-like water, like water-white mud balls, irregularly rounded, slightly smooth, and this phenomenon is the water layer. This position is fine.

III. Equipment Maintenance

Whether the gearbox (sprocket box) of the rig and the gearbox of the hoist is oil-deficient, flush the pump, drill and joint head after each drilling and completion, check the joint head, reverse switch, triangle belt, wire rope, etc. Is there any damage? Drill pipe joint threads often have to be coated with some lubricant to facilitate the removal of the drill pipe.


IV. Precautions

1. Must use the leakage protector when using the electrical water well drilling rig

2. In the actual drilling, first find the position of the wellhead and level the rig base to avoid shaking during work.

3. Stand upright on the rig and fasten it with bolts.

4. Connect one end of the high pressure hose to the inlet of the rig and the other end to the outlet of the pump. Tighten with a wire.

5. Dig a reservoir next to the rig, place the pump vertically in the pool, and use recycled water to work.

6. When the well is drilled, the safety cover is opened, the drill and drill pipe, the main machine, and the steel wire rope are in a relaxed state. Each rod must be drilled in the end, and the host part falls to the bottom. When changing rods, it is necessary to lift up and close the safety cover so that the drill pipe joint is 5 cm above the safety cover. Use the randomly delivered wrench to hold the joint and turn the drill to reverse the drill rod from the drill transition section. Remove it.

7. When drilling 2 to 3 drill pipes, it is necessary to determine whether the pump is blocked by sediment and keep the water pump running smoothly, so as not to block the drill bit or mud, and make it difficult to lift the rod.

8. When drilling, if you need to pour the wire, first stop the switch in the middle position, and then wait for the drill to stop, then pour the wire, which will extend the life of the reducer. If used improperly, there will be too much counter force inside the reducer, which will reduce the life of the reducer and even cause damage.

9. During handling, be careful of parts and wires to avoid collision or rain.