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How to choose the suitable drilling position and drilling a water well success
- May 09, 2018 -

1,site selection:

Select the location of drilling well, wellhead location selection, digging iron with deep 30-50cm, caliber 10-30cm wellhead. Move the installed drilling machine to the top of the wellhead. The location of the general wellhead densities require solid surface as well, the following can not have bricks, gravel, straw overhead phenomenon, so as to avoid drilling in the process of seepage, landslides, sinking and other phenomena, resulting in security risks.

2, dig reservoir:

About four meters away from the wellhead (also according to the actual terrain, the length of the pipe length) at a diameter of more than 1.5 square meters, a meter depth of the reservoir, the pressure with a wooden pole hanging in the water tank in the horizontal (horizontal Cover the pump is appropriate) The other end of the pump tube with the top of the drilling machine connected to the tap.

3, boot:

The drill bit with the drill pipe fastening, master hand lift hoist lift the nose, the other with the first section connected with the drill bit drill pipe, master hand lift slowly landing machine nose, Another person with the hand drill slowly through the base of the drill hole into the hole drilling, vertical righting, start drilling rigs and pumps, drilling rod that is driven into the ground.

Remember: Drill clockwise when the clockwise rotation, can not be reversed, so as to avoid dislocation drill pipe off.

4, on the drill pipe: drill into the first section of the drill pipe, with the person off the insurance buckle, insert the dump bar card, master control hand open reverse gear counterclockwise rotation of the drill pipe, the lift head with the drill pipe separation, hoist Head, with the other to take a drill pipe, manual rotation of the top wire connection head, the lower connector docking, the main control hand turn clockwise to drill pipe tighten, open the insurance card, remove the unloading rod card, boot sequence Clockwise rotation, continue drilling. This repeat the above action can be repeated. According to the depth you want to find the ideal aquifer sand can be.

5, unloading drill pipe:

Drill down to the desired depth of the aquifer, note the depth of the water-bearing sand layer, stop the rig, only open the pump pressure water scouring wells, when the mine does not have the sand out of the pan to begin to unload the drill pipe. First of all, close the insurance buckle, plug the unloading rod card, upside down with the drill pipe separated. Second, the unloader is mounted on the head, tighten, landing the nose will be unloader with the base of the drill pipe into the slot, rotating buckle after the upgrade, when the bottom of the drill pipe joints rose to the base When the insurance card to stop over the top, tighten the insurance deduction, insert the unloading bar card, reverse, the drill pipe is automatically removed, with the people can be removed, so repeatedly.

Note: When unloading rod with drill, turn off the electric and change it to manual. Slowly raise the base to avoid touching.

Third, the exchange of experience

The drilling machine for the general civil small automatic drilling machine, drilling diameter 20cm, 6 inches or less, the experimental depth of 180 meters. Economic depth of 80-120 meters. Supporting well pipe diameter less than 16cm (1-6-inch household wells), according to the local geological structure, and the client's economic affordability decisions. Do not blindly seek deeper. Generally a one-day workload is appropriate.

The economical method of drilling a 4-inch diameter borehole with a depth of well over 50 meters is to first remove the 40-meter drill pipe by drilling an 8-cm drill bit down to the desired water level (say 100 meters) and install a 18-cm reamer , Then drill down the same depth of reaming 40 meters, and then remove all the drill pipe. Under the PVC pipe, the following 68-meter-long diameter 50mmPVC pipe, the upper part of the 32-meter-long diameter 110mmPVC pipe can be (thick pipe length is less than the reaming depth of 6-8 meters, so that the filter stone can be successfully dropped to the bottom of the well) This can greatly reduce costs. (Water-bearing sand layer is generally required between 5-10 meters, 4-6 meters perforation drilling holes, each interval of 10cm play a diameter of 12mm holes, wrapped with 100 mesh filter yarn layer 2-3, the actual operation should be calculated accurate

Fourth, daily maintenance:

1, the rig handling part of the motor should be handled with care, to avoid rain, splash water,

2, the motor wire connector can not touch the power,

3, always check whether the wire rope replacement,

4, drill pipe before and after the use of oil lubricated place to avoid rain, so as not to rust,

5, the motor can not overload for a long time,

6, the motor does not turn when checking the circuit, and transformer insurance.