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OR-500 Rice Washing Machine Instructions
- Dec 26, 2018 -


OR-500 rice washing machine is our factory developed the new products based on market feedback information, it is the rice and other food particles rational washing equipment, mainly for the cafeteria, snack bar, food processing plants and other enterprises for rice and other food particles the panning.

The machine design scientific and reasonable compact, continuous rapid panning, in panning process, rice and stones, mud, chaff, and other debris can simultaneously Michong speed were excluded from a different outlet. With high efficiency, easy operation, labor, effort, water is a distinctive feature; washing machine is not only rice, but also panning red bean, mung bean and other granular food ideal equipment.


2.Structure and working principle

2.1 Main structure:

This machine has a frame, sand separator, floats separator, rice bucket, water-saving devices, such as structures and piping combinations.

The machine uses high-quality stainless steel, stainless ensure long-term work, not corrosion, non-toxic, harmless, in line with food hygiene requirements.

2.1 Working principle

First turn on the water, turn on the power, adjust the row of stone pressure, put rice into the rice bucket filled within, through the combination of the separator,in the role of water at different pressures, stones, mud and other contaminants discharged from the hard sand separator;Bran, Michong other debris discharged from the floating object separator;Wash the rice falling through the meter tube connected meters in the basket,Complete rice washing job. (Continuous operation)


3.Technical Data

a) washing capacity: 500kg / h

b) row of stone rate: 95%

c) pipeline pump: 25SG6.5-30 Q = 6.5 m³ / h Head = 30m N = 1.5kw

d) Rated voltage: 380V 3 ~

e) Rated frequency:50Hz

f) Work pressure: 0.23-0.28MPa g) row of stone pressure:0.08-0.10 MPa

h) row of stone Tube diameter: 11mm i) Water consumption:0.0065m³ / kg

j) Waterproof grade: IPX1


4. size, weight

Dimensions: 1100 * 1000 * 820mm

Weight: 88kg


5. Installation, commissioning

5.1 Place the machine on a level ground to ensure smooth operation of the machine. Tee on water conservation and water pump inlet connection with a slipknot good tee with the water inlet pipe connected to a rubber tube.


5.2 Check the power supply voltage and the voltage of the machine to use items in line. Plug the power cord elongation, the yellow and green wire core with a ground symbol of reliable grounding, the remaining three cores (single-phase motor is configured for two) were received on lead terminals when the switch is off. For safety reasons, the use of air power switch switch.


5.3 Open water valve, water-saving devices when filled with water, close the power switch, the machine running smoothly, no abnormal sound before the test machine.


6. use, operation

6.1 first open water valve, the control valve handle in working position ball, hang up the outfall, water-saving devices when filled with water, close the power switch; normal working pressure of 0.23-0.28MPa, row of stone pressure 0.08-0.10 MPa.


6.2 Sheng rice basket on water-saving devices, floating objects sieve, sieve sand and gravel were put away, close the power switch, the meter tube alignment Sheng-meter bucket, and other floating objects in the water separator is full of spills, turn the meter tube alignment sheng rice basket, the rice poured into a rice bucket. Rice washing machine for work, will be excluded from the drain after separating sand, rice bran and other floating debris automatically flow into floating objects sieve food particles from the exhaust pipe into the drain rice rice basket. After the first control valve handle turning off 6.3 dirt discharge position, put the water in the outfall sediment removal machine, shut the water off the electricity.


Note: When continuous work or can not boot when meters inside the pipe; boot filled with water-saving devices can not be less than half the height of fall, such as below when poured directly with water saving devices can be.


7. Troubleshooting of Common




The meter tube no meters, meter floating objects inside the separator to spill

Inside the Pipeline blockage

1. Ready to pick an empty rice basket, then

in the dirt out of the discharge port, the

control valve handle to discharge sediments

position, remove the machine product meters.

2.Remove 1 # jet nozzle check out nanotubes with water meters.

3. Check the bottom of the floating matter

whether a foreign body separator

Shek Pai Pai tube or the meter does not rock

Row of stone tube blockage

1. row of stone to increase the water pressure "+" into the row of stone with water pipes, such as the machine when there is no meter, unplug the row of stone plastic hose, remove deposits inside the tube, the connection is secure.

2. Unplug 8 # pipe, remove the tube dirt after boot, the row of stone do regulate water pressure, the control valve handle to

discharge sediments position, with the mouth of a row of stone hard blow pipe several times, foreign objects like stones will be excluded from the outfall.

Wash rice and normal speed, floating objects splitter does not

overflow, rice Amoy without a net

Inside the pipeline blockage

1. Check whether there is a foreign body within 4 # pipe

2. stainless steel mesh at the bottom of the hopper is clean, fresh water is smooth return

Sewage outfall off lax, out overflow

Drain valve is stuck inside the

stones, debris and other things

1. water outfall several backflush

2. Remove and open the drain valve, remove foreign objects inside

Gravel separation without a net, a row of stone pipe water properly, the row of stone pressure is normal, the shutdown emissions sediments, Jaeger meters of sand discharged from the separator increases than in the past, or more than 0.5 kg

Pipeline blockage

Remove 3 # jet nozzle, remove clog the tube

Working pressure is not

within the scope

Motor Reversal Pipeline pump


Adjust the power cord Remove the retaining plate, clean up debris pipeline pump

Water-saving screen is clogged

Foreign material

Check the water-saving devices in the cleanup of debris nozzle wire line

Wash rice hopper less than

m or


Outfall did not hang up

Hang outfall

Working pressure is not normal

Adjusted to normal operating pressure

Insufficient amount of water-saving devices

Direct filled with water saving devices

Dirty water-saving devices

Saving water inside the debris cleanup

Nets to poor water saving devices within

Remove the inner grille, clean

Lose m pipeline blockage

1. Touch the bottom of a hopper for foreign


2. baskets ready to take rice, rice washing

machine disconnect the rear wire plastic pipe output meters, meters back quickly ruled out within the tube; such as when fast enough, shutdown, remove the two # jet nozzles, check for foreign objects.

3. with a flush hose, the water will drain port coming down the dirt gravel separator, with 50cm long 16 # or 18 # wire, head bent into a small hook, pulling the plastic tube on stainless steel pipe bends inward place, up and down through several

times, hemp, nylon paper or something like that will automatically exit.


8. safety devices and precautions

 8.1 installed grounding bolts, connect the ground wire reliable connection, in order to avoid accidental injury.

 8.2 machine maintenance, do not start switch, to avoid danger.

 8.3 machine running, do not carry out any form of maintenance and repair, in order to avoid personal injury.

9. maintenance, repair

All maintenance and repair work must be carried out in case of power-off.


9.1 Each time runs out, the machine carefully cleaned once, to ensure that the pipeline no plot m water, sanitation and hygiene. Do not rinse with a hose when cleaning the pump.


9.2 monthly pipeline tubes card check, and promptly prepare tight, so as not to affect work results at work.


9.3 In the course of their work, the sound is not normal if the machine must be shut down immediately check when troubleshooting can only continue to work.