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OR-500 BROAD BEAN PEELER Operation Manual
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Application: it is main
ly used for peeling horse bean, soybean, pease, lentils bean etc.


Features: the beans peeler has advantage of compact structure, high efficient, ideal peeling result, etc. At the same time the peeler utilizes combined air flower to separate the shell and seeds in order to reduce the crushing ratio and increase the peeled quality, meanwhile it also avoid the dust pollution, improve the working surroundings.


Working principle: There is one set sand dies installed internal machine, one is fixed, another is moving, the beans pass through the high speed moving die, the hard shell will be taken away under the strong friction, then the complex material enters into the vibrating sieves for separating, the air fan will suck the shells and then the clear peeled seed(in half) flow out from another side of peeler.


Technical data:

1. Power: 5.5kw-main motor

         0.75kw*2-air fan

         0.37kw-vibrating sieve’s motor

2. Diameter of die: 500mm

3. Peeling ratio: 98%

4. Separating ratio for shells and kernels: 98%

5. Capacity: 1-1.5ton/hr

6. Weight: 500kgs

7. Size: 600*1500*2200mm


Note: The above data would be changed depend on the category of beans


Manual & Maintenance


Step 1. Please check if there is any impurity in the machine before running the peeler, the correct turning direction should be clockwise(please reference turning arrow). The material could be feed once the machine run normally; when stopping the machine, it should let it peeling the material completely, thus make the next time non-load starting easily.

Step 2. Adjust the distance between dies: first open the strobe which is marked turning arrow, there will be a small door appear under the dies, pick up the pin(U type) on the die's base, fix the base, turn the pulley by hand, the clockwise direction will cause the distance large, count clockwise will cause the distance small, generally the distance will be changed 1mm once you turn the pulley one cycle. Please put the U type Pin back  the key and fast it by bolt. 

 Step3. Separation of shells and seeds: There is a air strobe on the feeding pipe to control the air volume to reach to the satisfied purpose of separating.

  Step 4. Please ensure to install ground wire outside of machine, in order to avoid the electricity leakage and accident.

               Step 5. Please maintain the machine in periodicity, once every three months.



1. The hard impurity, such as stone will damage the die, so please ensure to take the hard impurity by sieves before peeling processing.

2. During the machine is working, the hard impurity will accelerate the die's wear, the surface will get uneven(fig.1), it will cause the peeling break ratio increasing, and make capacity low.

If above circumstance occur, please use diamond grinding wheel to process the die(like fig.2) and ensure the die's surface smooth.

3. Please pay attention that the distance and clearance similar between upper and down dies.



The die's installation and adjustment the distance


1. Disassemble the feeder, cover of upper die and grinding base;

2. Install the dies;

3. Open the aside sheets;

4. Sign a symbol on the upper die, turn the down die, watch the turning of down die, ensure it parallels with the symbol on upper die, that means the distance between the upper and down die is similar. If it doesn't parallels with the upper symbol, please add a slim sheet on the grinding base, it will make the down die parallels with the upper die.

5. At the same time, you can also adjust the 6pcs 10mm bolt on upper cover to ensure the distance similar.



Problems Analyze






Low peeling ratio

Moisture content high

Reduce the moisture to 13%

Distance too large between dies

Adjust the distance

High crushing ratio

Feeding too much

Control the feeding volume

Distance too small

Increase the distance

Uneven surface of die

Process the surface

Low moisture content

Add certain moisture

Include shells in the kernels

Block on exit

Drain the material

Block on air fan

Include kernels in the shells

Too much air volume

Open the wind door



a socket wrench