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New trends in the development of food machinery industry
- Mar 13, 2018 -

The food machinery industry has wide coverage, large market capacity and greater competitiveness. Today's development of food industry is inseparable from the support of food machinery.

Food machinery including rice products, flour products, oil products, bean products, meat products, fruit and vegetable products such as food machine, noodle machine, there are more common Rice noodles machine, noodle machine, machine, machine, steamed tofu, Yuba bean sprouts machine machine, oil press, machine, cutting machine Rice-meat dumplings and other food equipment.

It is necessary for food machinery to break through the traditional concept of development and to improve the competitiveness of the industry. It must have new vitality, new model and new market.

With the development of economy and the upgrading of consumption, the development trend of food machinery market is that the brand tends to be high-end, products tend to be intelligent, and marketing tends to be innovative.

In these three major trends, food machinery enterprises should increase the intensity of the layout of the industry and divide the market into a "cake".

The three trends of high-end brand, product intelligence and marketing innovation are all made up of consumer demand of the market, so user consumers are the factors that must be considered for the development of food machinery enterprises.