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model lz-0.5 series spiral juicer extractor service manual
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Ⅰ、Product Model:LZ-0.5(GT6G7)

Product Name:Spiral Juicer Extractor

Ⅱ、Usage and Application

For squeezing fruit and vegetable juices sachas tomatoes,pineapples,oranges,etc.

Ⅲ、Technical Features

1、 Fruit juice processing capacity:0.5 tons per hour

2、 Spiral diameter:88mm

3、 Spiral speed:400 turns per minute

4、 Stainer aperture:0.6mm

5、 Motor power:1.5 kilowatts

6、 Equipment weight:about 85 kilograms

7、 Dimension: 780×320×860mm

Ⅳ、Equipment strueture and working principle

(refer to the drawing)

1、 Structure

This spiral juicer extractor consists of such parts as the front support,feeding chute,spiral,stainer,juice container,the back support ,waste outlet.The left of screw spindle is in the rolling bearing and the right is in the handwheel bearing.The motor pulls a pair of triaagle belts to make tae screw work.

2、 Working principle

The componeat of this equipment is screw.The diameter gradually increases along the direction of fruit waste outlet while the distance from the screw clecreases,thus squeezing the materrals.

The rotational direction of screw spindle is clockwise.

Ⅴ、Installation and Maintenance

1、 The machine must be installed in the horizontal line and must be fixed by the screw.

2、 Operation

When turning on the machine,the worker must regulate the press regulator to make the break become wide and taen it will nahoow.

3、 Maintenance

It must be washed when turning on the machine,especially the stainer.If there is too much fiber,the stainer must be washed very often.After squeezing the machine