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Metal detector
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Before using the product,be sure to read this guide. Do keep the guide together with the product.

Chapter 1 Overview

1.1、the introduction of metal detector

  Metal detector is the device,which detects products in the conveyor belt on transmission lines via electromagnetic fields. When the detected value over the metal signal, the output alarms  if mixed with metal or  makes order signal to remove it by selector .


1.2Standard composition

   metal detector   1

  drive belt      1

    using guide                       1

Test cards are purchasing things.

1.3Various parts of the name and function



Control Box

deal with the signal from detect head, show it when mixed with metal , and be overall control of the equipment.

Detect head

Be used to detect metal ,composited by the inspection of product through the phototube and  the mirror.

Conveyor belt

be used to sent detected products

Machine rack

Support the display, the detect head , the conveyor belt

Distribution box

supply power for control box and conveyor belt motor

1.3.1 Operation Control Box

 Attention:In order to prevent the protective film from damages, please do not use sharp things (such as ball-point pen) to press the button.

 Instruction Lights

From the left beginning,the first light is for running.In normal detection, it is green. The second light is for NG. when detecting metal , the light is red. The rest are display LED lights, showing metal element and detection level.

 LCD display screen

Product number and its name, determining outcome, action, etc.


Start button  

Press this button, conveyor belt light is on, the conveyor belt starts running.

 Stop button 

Press this button, the conveyor belt light is off,  the conveyor belt stop running.

 Product button

Press this button in the basic screen ,you can change another products.

 Menu button  

Press this button in the basic screen,and it appears a menu screen ,then you can select the menu. 

 Cancel button  

End the current screen and return to the previous page.

 Arrow button

For the selection screen and the page number switch.

 Enter button

Using In determining the project or setting

 1.3.2detect head

detect head    the sensors used to detect metal

 Phototube      to convince the detected products passing through

 Reflection board  phototube uses it 

Phototube and reflection board are upper the conveyor. 


Chapter 2  installation

2.1Installation conditions

Please install the equiment to meet following occasions:

1.Temperature is not less than 0  and no more than 40 ℃.

2.Humidity is from the 30 to 85 percent without dew.

3.No direct sunlight, no heat equiment near the equiment.

4.Supply voltage range must be less than-15% and 10% of the biggest value.

5.Far away from the vibration source , no vibration at the best.

6.Fewer dust

7.non-volatile flammable,no corrosive gases and no salt and cold air wind does not blow directly in front of the device.


2.2installation notes

   The power owns its system .it must be separate from the equipment with noise and other devices(large-scale motors, packaging machines, etc.) And it connects with the close socket.

   Please do not keep multi-directional wire. If heavy things press on the power  cables,it may happen a fire or cause a accident .

  Power cables should be away from the heat apparatus. Before cutting off the power switch, choose and take out the plug.

When the equipment and other equipment (before and after the paragraph conveyors, etc.) connect , it may make a error action. In this case, please do not connect with other devices.Do give it a separate ground.


2.3conveyor belt height between front and back the device adjustment


The conveyor belt height between front and back the device must adjust to the same level.There is no room between the pin bolts and the ground , so as not to shake. After the adjustment, the nut wrench must be tighted.


2.4Power, grounding connections


In order to avoid danger the power should install circuit breakers half-way, if used in the humidity environment,  leakage circuit breakers have to be installed.

In order to avoid electric shock and ensure the stability of the operation, the power  must be grounded. (Grounding line with a diameter of 1.6mm or soft copper wire with the same intensity and difficult to corrosion of the metal lines. Grounding resistance must be less than 100Ω.)


Chapter 3 the use of Metal detector

3.1 Basic use

3.1.1Open the power

Open the distribution box in the lower right corner, press the power switch, let power on. First LED lights are on one by one from left to right, then turn to [basic] screen.







[basic] screen.

3.1.2Registrate new product

Registrating new products includes product number, product name, phase selection, NG stop, gain, phase, threshold setting. product number

From the [basic] screen, press the [product] button, it shows [product] screen.




02 JAM




If choose [01], press [enter] button, registrate serial number, and return to the [basic] screen. Product parameters

In order to registrate new products, show[products] menu screen, then go to products basic setting.


1 product name

2 phase selection  

3 NG stop

In the [product name] enter names,turn to next sceen:


    product-01                stop

$%&’ ( )*+,-,/    ◆

0123456789:;<>?         enter



Press [arrow] button ,put the curso into the entering text (English numbers , a false name, mark). Press [enter] button, you can put in the [name region] . Move to the left or to the right by moving [arrow] button. It can arrive at the [left], or [moving to the right] position, according to the [enter] button.Use [name region] to choose the location of the text to the left or right

   Enter names, press [arrow] button, put the curso into [enter] , name registrate product name and return to the [product parameters] screen. phase selection


From [product parameters] screen, press [up] , [down]  button, select the [phase selection], press [enter] button, then enter the [phase selection ]


allow              forbid


Press [left] <, [right]> button, select [allow], press[enter] button, phase is allowed; choose[forbid], press[enter] button, phase is forbided, then return to the [product parameters] screen. NG stop

From the [product parameters] screen, press [up] , [down]  button, select [NG stop], press[enter] button, then enter [NG stop].


allow             forbid 

[left] <, [right]> button, select [allow], press [enter] button.when NG the belt stops running; please choose [forbit], press [enter] key, NG is forbid.NG the belt continues running when the belt returns to the [product parameters] screen. selection

From the [manual setting] screen, press [up] , [down]  button, select [phase], press [enter] button, then enter [phase]





Press[up] , [down]  button, increase and reduce the phase value, press[left] <, [right]> button, increase and reduce the phase doubly. press [enter] button, the current phase has been preserved,press[cancel] button, give up the operation,then return to the [product parameters] screen. gain setting

From the [manual setting] screen, press [up] , [down]  button, select [gain], press [enter] button, then enter [gain].



19.0             19.0


Because the equipment uses 2 bands to detect produces, the gain is as following19.Press [left] <, [right]> button, choose the left side (T Road), or the right side (P Road) gain.Press[up] , [down]  button, increase and reduce the gain value. Press [enter] button, the current  gain  value has been preserved.Press [cancel] button to give up the operation,then return to the [product parameters] screen. threshold setting

From the [manual setting] screen, press [up] , [down]  button, select [threshold], press [enter] button, then enter the [threshold].




 [up] , [down]  button,  increase and reduce the threshold, press[left] <, [right]> button, increase and reduce the threshold doubly. Press [enter] button, the current threshold has been preserved. Press[Cancel] button to give up the operation,then return to the [product parameters] screen.


3.1.3, autoset


Be ready to detecte products ( we call it the standard work), the detected products  senting on belt should be able to appear average characteristics (size, weight, ingredients and packaging in the form) .we can autoset it depending on programme.


In  [basic] screen, press [menu] button, it shows [menu] screen; if you choose [autoset], press [enter] button, it shows [autoset] screen.





 After a few seconds, showing [ flow products].




flow product

   The detected products are sent by the operator, flowing products, if the failure of autosetting, press[cancel] button, return to the [menu] screen, repeat the steps until the first 1 autosetting success.After finishing autosetting ,we should confirm its detection sensitivity


Autosetting Notes


1.Standard workpiece should be accordance with the normal transmission of the products 


2.When the standard workpiece is under 5mm thick and has not block at the view of the phototube, the standard workpiece should be blocked by hand.


3.Small things should be put into pocket when autosetting.


4.With autosetting function, we can set the most appropriate detection conditions, however, due to external noise and other interference factors, testing conditions may change


5.If the standard workpiece on the transmission line in the actual product are different characteristics ,the actual products would be occurr error detection.


3.1.4 selcet product

From the [basic] screen, press [product] button , it shows [product] screen.


01 HAM 500g


03 JAM        



 Press [up] , [down]  button, select the products, press[enter] button.



3.1.5 start running and stop running running

In order to move the metal detection machine stability, open the power supply and wait for 10 minutes ,then start running.

Before the operation beginning to detect metal on the conveyor belt in the preceding paragraph ,the goods are removed after the start-up inspection conveyor. Press[Start] button, as the conveyor belt just starting about 1 second, the action is to wait for stability, metal detection machines do not move. In addition, the conveyor belt of change in the operation of any species, the metal detector does not move about 10 seconds,. running

Press [stop] button,conveyor belt stops, then enter stopping state.


 Chapter4 the daily maintenance

4.1.the daily maintenance

Daily inspecti(1) Before the operation please chek as following: confirm whether to touch and sensitivity determine to be [OK], or else be not [OK].


(2) After the ending,the conveyor belt must be cleaned and swept both sides of conveyor belt. Carry out the following examinations every week and remove conveyor belt to check whether the crack face, Conveyor belt running state, the same sound, no wiggle phenomenon.


4.2 clean-up notes

1.Take off the power when cleaning

 2.Do not use metal brushes and so on.

  3.Do not use thinner and benzene and other organic solvents

4.3 the method of loading and unloading conveyor belt

The conveyor belt can be loaded and unloaded. In order to clean the back of the conveyor belt and pallets, please remove it by the orders:

    1. Release four hasps outside.

2.Lift up the conveyor belt device from one side and relax motor-driven belt,torn off conveyor belt. 

3.Belt transmission device to detect from the side of the head out.

4.Do not touch the attention of bad holes detected in the resin layer.