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Market change of baked food machinery in China
- Mar 13, 2018 -

China's baking industry is developing rapidly, and it also promotes the development of agriculture, agricultural products processing industry, food machinery and packaging industry, of which the development of baking food machinery is more rapid. Experts point out: there are two points in the change of the domestic bake food machinery market.

One is: from the sales situation of the subdivision products in the baking machinery market, the demand for machinery market of moon cakes is decreasing, and the market demand for cake and bread machinery is stable, but the demand for machinery and automation production line has increased significantly.

The two is: from the marketing time of the baked food machinery market, the current purchasers have to go through the detailed market inspection, and then choose the products.  It is more prudent than ever to buy, but it also shows that the competition in the market is becoming more and more intense.  The severe economic situation in the domestic market and the increasingly white hot competition trend.

In the future, the automatic production line of roasted food machinery will become more and more common, and the single machine will be eliminated slowly. The entire domestic food baking machinery equipment and equipment industry in terms of both means with opportunities and challenges with China's market competition is more intense, the food baking machinery automation transformation highlights the potential of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.

Full automatic production line will become the next major technical development of food machinery industry development, for the development of China's food machinery with both opportunities and challenges, food machinery enterprises in China if you can have a good grasp of the opportunities that the future market is the market, some enterprises can not accept the challenge once it will be out, this is a cruel and attractive market prospects.

According to Champoux consulting released "2012-2016 years of deep China food machinery industry key enterprises in market competition and the investigation report" shows: China's food baking machinery industry in order to have a big development must be in the core technology research efforts to improve the international market competitiveness, increase exports, expanding domestic demand; on the other hand baked food except bread, cake and its many types, many baked food has no special production equipment. Therefore, food baking machinery enterprises should adjust product structure, improve product quality, improve the technical level; complete attention to product design, production and supply of food baking machinery, to enhance China's food baking machinery products in the domestic and international market competitiveness.