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Instructions for use of dishwasher
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Operation Instruction

Firstly, turn on the water supply switch and add water to the given position.

Secondly, turn on the heating switch and heat water to 75℃~80℃,then pour some detergent into the hot water tank.

Thirdly, turn on the washing switch and put dirty dishes on the machine orbit, then it will begin washing.

Finally, when it finish washing, you can turn on the blow-down valve and wait the sewage completely discharged.


Don’t wash the handcrafted dishes which were used to decorate.

Don’t put silverware together with other metal.

Don’t let the food on the dishes become hard or leave too much food residue in case they will block the strainer.

 Product description

Our dish washing machine uses self-propelled design, and the stainless steel fuselage cover makes the machine more durable. The water supply system is the most advanced stainless high-power pump at home. You can use liquefied gas, natural gas and steam to heat water. The product is suitable for hotels, restaurants, schools, companies and so on. It is an ideal equipment to clean and disinfect dishes.

 Main Features

1、 Quick cleaning

2、 Two-sided workbench, more convenient and easy to operate.

3、 Stable performance

4、 Save both time and labour, save cost over 60%.

5、 Directly put and collect the tableware, more clean