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Instructions for use of bulking machine
- Aug 31, 2018 -




二、Function & Parameter

三、Operation & Adjustment

四、Breakdown & Elimination

五、Repairs & Maintenance

六、Circuit Diagram

七、Standard of Products







In order to ensure the proper operation of the machines, read it carefully.




☆ WARNING: Strictly follow to avoid damages of the machine

⊙ CAUTION: Operate carefully so as to run the machine properly.

□ NOTE: Important information and useful suggestion about equipments


1、 Production of Equipments:

Twin Screw Inflating Machinery adopts international advanced twin screw inflating and extruding technology, together with our rich experience in the field of the inflating research and development. According to the market requirements, corn, rice, millet, black rice, mung bean, oat and so on, can be used as materials. From extruding, inflating, shaping, drying, to spraying & flavoring, the inflating food, instant meal, core-filling food can be produced. This line are characterized by proper design, stable performance, high automation, and the main engine adopts frequency & speed controlling technology, so it can save energy and be efficient.

2. Range:

①Instant gruels: Superior solubility can be eaten in two minutes soaked in the hot water. If you add the other additional materials, the nutrition food, baby food, and the take-care food would be produced.

②Inflating snacks with colorful and special taste, such as shrimp chips, shrimp ball, and so on.

③Match the additional equipments, the line can produce various kinds of the core filling food and the inflated biscuits. Adopting the twice-extruding crafts put the materials like yolk powder, milk powder, sesame, chocolate and others into the materials to make the core food, owning the special taste.

④ By the riding of simple crafts, low cost, and efficient use of the materials, our equipments are widely used in the field of the food, chemical industry, forage, brew, and pharmacy, etc.

3. The Meaning of the type:

SLG  means type of  Double  Screws ;85 means the diameter of  screws; Ⅲ means the generation.

4. Technological Principle:

  The key and character of TSE is to adopt the extruding and inflating technology, which is the most popular abroad and domestic market, and the latest high-tech. The grain will inflate, the starch increase the water-solubility, so as to be digested.

As well as everyone knows, the main component of the grains is starch, which is not adept to dissolve into the water, or be effected by the enzyme. Only when the raw rice and flour are dissolved & inflated in the hot water, and make the starch “α”,can be digested. But after cooking, they will become solid and tasteless in the normal or low temperature, which is always called “life-back of the starch”. In this condition, this is “βStarch”. Extruding & inflating technology can make the raw starch mushy, turn into the “αstarch”, enable keepαstructure stable, avoid the life-back of the starch and keep perfect taste.

  During the process of inflation, together with being pulled toward by two screws, material in the sealed metal canister, will stay at high temperature(150~200℃)because of the machine’s oppression, interior cutting force, and heat outside. The high pressure(above10kg/cm²),produced by the volume and the high temperature, makes the materials in the sealed condition gelatinous, then get a lot of the heat energy and change original the physical and chemical attribute, thus make the starchα. When the materials extruded from the die-head, increase their disorder degree in the normal condition and the pressure, which can not only make the materials inflated to promote the enzyme, buy also decompounds the starch and protein to increase solubility, e.g. after     

inflating, part of the corn starch are decompounded into dextrin and sugar, furthermore, more than 80% starch become ‘α’starch, thus be tasteful.

   In the high temperature and pressure, the starch chain suffers damage and keeps quality duration. During inflating, protein is decompounded into amino acid reaching 70%, while digest rate upraises.



1、 Filling Materials System; 2、Extruding System; 3、Cutting System;

4、Heating System; 5、Lubricating System; 6、Transmitting System;

7、Controlling System

1、 Filling Materials System

Installed in the distributing box,including screw , shelf, blender and so on. The materials are filled through the screw with adjusted speed. The blender is to promote the materials filled.


          TYPE OF ENGINE: MBK07-Y 0.75-C5

          DIMETER OF SCREW:φ85mm

          TRANSMITTING SPEED: 0-200rpm


Mainly including screw, screw cover, structured as in FigureⅡ. Two screws screw left. The distance of the seven parts are as follows: 48mm, 36mm, 24mm, 20mm,and the distance of the ending part is 24mm. Fours are equally put along the line.


Screw Diameter: 65mm

Transfer speed: 0-250rpm

Length: 1050mm

Screw distance: 56mm

Output: 60-120kg/h

Power: 22KW

Dimension: 1960mm×600mm×1300mm

3、 Cutting System

Be composed of engine, knife shelf, and belt wheel. Knife shelf is fixed on the die-head.

The knife shelf screws by the belt and cuts the materials. Shapes of moulds include round-hole, cinquefoil, and column form, slice and so on.

Parameter: Type of Engine: 130SZ04-600W direct current dynamos

           Cutting length: 2-30mm (continuously adjusted)

Cutter: 2 pieces

4、 Lubricating System:

Gearwheel pump, oil box and oil route. Lubricate and cool the various parts of Distributing Box.


Type of Gear Pump: BBG-6

5、 Transmission System: 

Please reference the FigureⅢ. Drive from the main engine (22KW), first transferred through a couple of connecter then decompounded into two deferent shaft whirling towards same direction, which bears torque and radial thrust from screw.

Decelerating Rate: 1:4

Type of Main Engine: Y180-4   22KW   1470rpm

This system adopts frequency speed technology with reliable and wide range adjustment, as well as steady operation.

□ Centric distance of screw: 56mm.

Short Gearwheel Shaft: 8407 7307 8406 thrust bearings

Long Gearwheel Shaft: 8410-thrust ball bearing

6、 Heating System:

Include four heating areas. Each has two infrared heater circles (each is 2KW, totaling 12KW). Temperature of each area can be adjusted separately.

7、 Controlling System:

All systems of SLG85-Ⅲ are controlled centrally, with convenient operation and reliable control, furthermore many kinds of auto-protection instruments and dashboard.

Dimension: 750mm×450mm×1700mm   

Protection Degree: IP44

Safe Protection: grounded protection( grounded resistance≦4Ω)

三、Operation and Adjustment:

1、 Put processing line in the dry and cool place in terms of plane layout.

2、 Put the main machine and other equipments well and steadily, in case that influences the operation because of the unequal force.

3、 ON/ OFF should be installed in the electricity supplying parts either be separated the ordinary electricity, so as to convenient the maintenances.

4、 Mixer:

Turn it manually to check the operation, and then start it.

5、 Adjustment of key machine without any materials

(1) Check the parts whether there is damage and loosening or not.

(2) Check the Roller, Screw. If something, please clean up.

(3) Check the decelerating box and match between screw and roller; turn the belt (off the mould-dead), and resistance should be small and equable, check the waste material.

(4) Whether the material screw can be pushed into the roller.

(5) Install the cutting system in its working place, adjust the place between the cutter and mould, and ensure the proper touch between them.

(6) Check the lubricating, whether the touch is proper, or enough oil in the oil tank.

6、 After checking, start the electricity

(1) Check the lubricating system, start the “oil pump” (green), which should be clockwise, i.e. there is oil in the pipe, or converse to turn it. Open the upper lip of the distributing to check the situation of oil out of pole.

(2) Check the main engine and lubricating engine.

(3) Start main engine, and check the main pole.

(4) Start main engine whether the unusual sound of the distributing box and screw roller.

(5) Make the heating button in the position “ON”; ensure the normal heating electricity flow (18A-19A).

(6) Start the feeding machine, turn the speed-gear, and check the operation and direction of the feeding screw.

(7) Start the cutting engine, turn the speed-changing button, and check the cutter.

(8)  Start the main engine, from low-speed to high speed, and check the speed gear system.

7、 Other additional equipments should experience a trial process, e.g. the turning of the engine and mechanical failure.

8、 Debugging:

(1) Install the mould-sit and all the moulds well.

⊙ strictly fix four nuts connecting the mould head in case that influence materials

(2) Warm the engine: in order to stabilize temperature of the roller, heat through three area:

    1) Enactment:ⅠArea: 30℃; ⅡArea: 100℃; Ⅲ Area: 120℃ Keep warm for 10 minutes

2) Enactment:ⅠArea: 50℃; ⅡArea: 140℃; Ⅲ Area: 160℃Keep warm for 10 minutes

    3) Enactment:ⅠArea: 50℃; ⅡArea: 160℃; Ⅲ Area: 180℃ Keep warm for 5 minutes

(3) When heating the main machine, flour mixer can also be operated, 15kg each time. In order to ensure the inflating quality, mix of flour should be equal.

(4) After the temperature reaches the fixed value, start the oil pump. 2 minutes later, the main machine can be opened, with 900circles. Filling water no less than 500ml in the feeding entrance for the production, meanwhile start the feeding engine, adjust the hand wheel gradually. If the output of materials is in normal condition, the main engine’s speed rises to above 2000circles. The quantity of materials should be subject to the need of the machine, no more or no less. After noticing the electrical current, normally speaking, is 25-30A.

(5) After materials extruded normally from the mould head, start up the cutting engine, unfold the cover. Adjust the engine’s speed, till can cut the length and shape required.

(6) Before stopping, please fill 1-1.5kg materials with 20% water, so as to clean and protect the main machine.

(7) Stopping feeding about 3 minutes later no materials from the mould head, stop the machine. Load the mould head, start the main engine, fill the waste of materials through the filling place. Cease the machine till no things come from the extra. Stop the machine, clean the mould and coat the edible oil, then put into the main machine prepare for next start-up.

☆ When the machine stopped in the high flow accumulating materials results in the protective action of the engine, or the machine stopped because of the breakdown of electricity source. Don’t restart the main engine, or else damage the gear-wheel box、 screw and roller. Once stop, belt-wheel should be operated manually and extrude the waste material, then the machine can be started in the condition of resistance.

四、 Elimination of Breakdown







Material can’t be extruded out

No material come out when proper production

a、short of water

Make the water reach the quantity required

b、granules are too thick


c、reversal turning

Change the main engine’s phase sequence

d、temperature is not balanced

Adjust the temperature according to the crafts

e、waste in the roller

Stop and clear, then produce


Material can’t be

Extruded out properly




Material extruded out too fast

a、Water is little

Add the water

Temperature ofⅡarea is too high

Low the temperature

Lose the control of temperature controller

Change the temperature controller

The products are not inflated

Temperature ofⅡarea is too low

Adjust according to the crafts


Cut materials improperly

Shape is not ideal

The distance of the cutter is too large



Main shaft can not be turned

The main shaft can not be loaded while stopping the electricity and finish the production

Materials are blocked in the roller

Heat and make them paste

Gearbox damaged


五、Repairs and Maintenance:

1、 Check the fixed nuts connecting the flange, distributing box, and decelerating box. If loosen, please tighten.

2、 Change the lubricating oil of the direct engine current every three months .If carbon brush is worn ,please change in time .

 3、 Distributing box should be cleaned and change oil every two month, then every six month. Oil: HJ-40 (machinery oil).

4、 Check the tighten condition of triangle belt monthly.

5、Check the cutters. If damage is worn, please change in time, in case the products and the shape are influenced.

6、 Coat the oil onto the mould-head, and screw and other parts, if the machine is not started long time.

7 、 Check the circuit weekly, loosen or dusty, insulating resistance(≥0.5MΩ )every half a year, and ground resistance(≤4Ω )

8、continuous half year’ operation of main later, check the wear of bearings in the distributing box. If the wear clearance of the bearings is too large, please change in time. The processes are as follows:

  (1) Discharge of the automatic feeding instruments, open shield of the distributing box.

  (2) Discharge of 8-M10 bolt, open the upper-lid of the distributing box, then unlade 8-M16 bolt connecting the connecting cover and the distributing box, as well as 8-M16 bolt separating the upper box and the lower box, thus the thrust bearing and the rolling bearing of the efferent shaft will be noticed.

   Pitching bolt connecting the upper and lower box must be lost.

 (3) Efferent shaft and the screw shaft are joined by the flower cover, please remark the relative position.

 (4) Separate the extruding cavity and the connecting cover with the distributing box, screw off nut, and take off the flower cover.

 (5) Take off the efferent shaft and check the wear degree of bearing, if serious, pleases replace.

(6) Put the efferent shaft into the distributing box according to the remark, clear the surface of the upper and lower box, at the same time spread with the oil-proof sealed glue. Join the upper and lower according to the pitched bolt, then tighten 8-M16 bolts.

(7) Connect the flower cover with efferent shaft, and screw the nut.

(8) Push the extruding cavity well; tighten the connecting cover and 8-M16 bolts.

(9) Operate, check the oil route whether occurring the block, bleak, and operation is well or not. After everything is OK, the shield can be installed.

 Slippery track adopts high-precision linear

六、Circuit Diagram(ImageⅣ)

七、Standard of Product:

   Owing to the difference in ingredients of producer’s, the following are only the reference.

1、 Grain Gruels:

(1) Sensual Standard:

a、Color and Luster: Food is light yellow if corn is material;

          Food is white or faint white if rice;

          Food is faint yellow if millet.

Products have the luster fried and flavored.

b、 Smell: Smell of corn, rice and millet.

c、 Condition: Diameter: 3-3.5mm; Length: 3-6mm. keeping the granule- shape in the hot water for 3-5minutes.

(2)Standard: Protein≥7%; Water≤7%; Fat≥8%.

(3) Hygiene Standard: GB27713-81 Standard.

(4) Shelf Date: six months (plastic package)

(5) Preservation Period: nine months(in dry cool place, temperature≤15℃)

(6) Guide: Fill instant grain gruel into the hot water of 80℃. The quantity of water equals 5-7 times as the food, blend and consume.

2、Snack Standard:

(1) Sensual Standard:

a、 Color and luster: rice as materials: food is white or faint white

Millet as materials: food is faint yellow

Corn as materials: food is light yellow

 Products have the fried and flavor sprayed luster.

b、 Taste: full of the dextrin smell from the rice, millet and corn. Crisp & spicy, and the flavor shown in inner package.

c、 Organic Shape: Having honeycombed kerfs. Length can be adjusted.

(2) Standard: Protein≥5%; Water≤7%; Fat≥20%.   

(3) Hygiene Standard: GB7100-86 Standard.

(4) Shelf Date: six months (compounded package)

(5) Preservation Period: nine months

(6) Guide: consume or consume after fried.

八、Tools:(Provide for yourself)

1、 Tools:

(1) Screwdriver like“”:65×3(one piece, 150×4(one piece.

(2) Screwdriver like“”:100×6(one piece

(3) Square hammer: one piece

(4) Large-sized plastic basin: three

(5) Baskets are subject to the production.

(6) Daily use oven: one 220V/1500W.

2、 Electricity installation:

Install the switchboard according to the following words:

(1) The main machine of twin screw: Total Power:30KW, 3 phases and 4 wires;

 air switch≥100A; Electricity source wire: 10mm2 waterproof wire protected by the steel pipe.

(2) flour mixer:3KW, 3 phases; knife switch≥15A; Electricity source wire: 2.5mm2 waterproof wire.

Arts and crafts:

1、 Grain gruel:

(1) Peeling: spray a little water onto the dry corn. After keeping moisture for 10-20 minutes, put into the peeler to peel 80% of husk and embryo.

(2) Grinding: grind the corn peeled into powder by grinder. The granularity should be 60-80 Order.

(3) Mix: mix the different materials and assistants in the flour mixer pro rata.

(4) Temperature: ⅠArea: 50℃;  Ⅱ:160℃;  Ⅲ:180℃.

(5) Fill 500-800ml of water after starting the machine; at the same time start the feeder to put the materials equably. The food produced in the first 2 minutes are waste ones, and later inflating food of bar-shaped are extruded out with high dispersing bubble.

(6) Shaping: start the cutting machine, and adjust speed, and cut the bar into granules.

(7) Shaped granules are conveyed into the drying machine by the conveying belt. Time and temperature can be adjusted. Generally speaking, water decrease 7% below after drying.

(8) Crushing: grinder crushes the dried granules into powder of 50-80 Order. The thick is easy to thaw; the thin is tasteful.

(9)  Inner Packing: assistant materials, seasonings, and inflating powder can be packed separately or packed together. Assistant materials and seasonings include sugar cane, peanut, sesame, walnut, vegetable powder, salt, monosodium glutamate and so on.

(10) Outer packing

3、 Snacks:

(1)- (7) is the same as grain gruels.

(8)Flavoring: spray the oil and seasonings onto the food in roller. Oil is to prevent the products absorbing the water, and gives stability, and prolongs the shelf date. Seasonings are to improve the savory taste. The products enter into the rolling from high end, and the oil are sprayed through rolling, blending. At halfway, add the seasonings and blend, then the finished products comes out from the low end of the roller.

□ The layout and equipments in FigureⅤ

9、 Arts and crafts of core filling foodstuff:

(1)- (5) is also same as the arts of grain gruels.

(6) Formula of core food: it is ideal to use cream as fill core, because of its stability and lubricating oil, and savory flavor. Heat the cream and thaw, then cool till 40℃, add core filling materials per rata, and blend equably. To ensure the quality of products, cream should be appropriate.

(7) Inflating and filling core: key process. Inflating quality directly influences the taste and quality. The materials are extruded out by mould designed for core, finish inflating, and shape the tube or other shapes. The core filler extrudes core materials; mould fills them into food, then out with the materials.

(8)Shaping: start the shaper, the products is towed to the entrance of the shaper, which can cut products shorter.

(9) Toasting and flavoring process are the same as (7) and (8) of the snacks.


  Thanks for using our machines. If you expand the field, we can provide other equipments for you to choose. On the basis of “Honesty, Innovation, and Excellence”, we supply installation, adjustment, training, and the advanced food formula free of charge. The parts can be available forever. The machine is guaranteed for half a year. If you meet some problems in the process of production, such as buying the parts and special order, please connect us. We will do our best to serve you.

  Thanks again for your use. We sincerely hope you have a prosperous business future.