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Instruction Manual for Automatic Coconut Peeling Machine Model No. CAX-3
- Jan 14, 2019 -

1 Safety 


Please read this chapter carefully before connecting and operating

the equipment and the accessories!

1.1 General safety instructions 

 As with all technical equipments and therefore also with this equipment, the best 

possible operating safety can be guaranteed only if the general safety precautions as 

well as the special safety instructions in these operating instructions are followed 

during operating and servicing the equipment. 

 The equipment and its accessories comply with the relevant safety regulations. 

Repair work may be performed by authorized and experienced staff of the 

manufacturer only. Improper repair work could result in considerable danger to the 

user and the equipment. 

 Avoid operating the equipment in unfavourable ambient conditions. This could result 

in damage to the equipment or the accessories, hence endanger the user. 

 If the equipment is damaged/defective: To prevent any harm from the user and to 

prevent greater equipment damage: Do not use the equipment any further, contact 

the service. Never open the equipment cover. 

Unfavourable conditions include:

 Humidity. 

 Extreme ambient temperatures. 

 Strong electromagnetic (motors or transformers) or electrostatic fields(charges). 

 Strong vibration and impacts. 

1.2 Safety signs and implication 

Please pay attention to the following instructions for safe and successful 



Caution! Pinch point. Keep hands and fingers clear. 

Danger! Blade Hazard. Keep hands clear while operating. 

Lock out power before servicing. 

Warning! Electric shock hazard. This equipment is to be

serviced by trained personnel only. 

 1.3 Safety precautions on electricity 

 Power supply must be ground connected. 

 When machine is connected with power or in operation, do not open the cover and 

enclosure of each electric element, it may lead to electric shock. 

 Overhauling and regular maintenance should be carried out by qualified personnel. 

Turn off the power supply, wait for a while, make sure no residual voltage, do 

overhaul and maintenance. 

 Damage, strain or overweight to the cable and wire may lead to electric shock. 

 Do not flush machine by high pressure water. 

 Do not hit button with sharp point. 

 Wipe the leaked coconut water while peeling or the water would leads to short circuit. 

2 Product features 

2.1 Introduction 

Coconut trimming machine is designed for trim the green tender coconut into diamond 

shape. It features high efficiency, desktop volume, easy to handle, hygienic and low noise. 

The material of contacting parts is stainless steel. It fits the standard of food processing 

machine. There are 2 blades for trim top and body separately, so you can choose how to 

trim and how to trim for your various purposes. 

2.2 Structure and working process 



3 Technical features 

 Power supply: AC220±10%V, 50Hz 

 Rated rower: 0.8kW 

 Rated revolution: 181±10rpm 

 Rated torque: 35N·m 

 Range of use: 120-240mm 

 Peeling range: 100-160mm 

 Operating fluid: Through 40μm filtered compressed air 

 Operating pressure: 70-100psi(5-7bar) 

 Gas consumption: 0.05-0.06m³/min 

 Cutter material: 440c 

 Working temperature: 0℃-40℃

 Working relative humidity: ≤80% 

 Noise: ≤50dB(A) 

 Overall size(W×D×H): 300mm×420mm×870mm 

 Net weight: 50.5Kg 

4 Steps installation 

 Put the machine on a flat place; adjust the 4pcs food pad to make sure it in horizontal 


 Turn on the black button of air source processing part, add lubricating oil to oil level, 

and then fasten the black button. 

 Pull out the blue tube of pipe joint in convertor of air/liquid on the top of the machine, 

and then insert the unconnected tube into this pipe joint. Then check the oil level is in 

the middle position or not. 

 Insert one side of tube into pipe joints, the other side connects to air compressor. 

 Plug in power wire, turn on power. 

5 Parameters setting 

Press “SET” , then press cursor move key to wanted position, press number setting 

key to set number value. When all indicators light is not flicker, the system would save the 

set values. Specific operation is as below: 

 Press “SET”, when speed screen display A, set the gripping time of coconut, 1-2 

seconds would be appropriate. 

 Press “SET”, when speed screen display Sb, set the diameter of side peeling, 

100-160mm seconds would be appropriate, default is 100mm. 

 Press “SET”, when speed screen display D, set the lifting time of coconut, 1-2 

seconds would be appropriate. 

6 Adjustment and operation 

6.1 Adjustment of diameter and speed 

 Adjust the side scale to wanted diameter, the diameter range is 100-160mm; refer to 

“Parameter setting”. 

 Press “Start”, the machine is peeling automatically. 

 Rotate clockwise, the speed decreases; rotate anticlockwise, the speed 


 Repeat the step2, until peeling finished; the number value would be 10-15mm/s in the 

speed screen. 

6.2 Peeling operation 

 Put coconut on the cone shape plate, press” start” button, peeling starts. If the 

pneumatic gripper is not on the head, press “ Reset” button. 

 When the pneumatic gripper reaches the peak, finish peeling, take out coconut, then 

put another one. 

 If want to cancel the peeling operation, press” reset”, the machine is automatically 


7 Daily Check 

 Regular check the oil level tube of convertor of air/liquid, the oil level should not be 

lower than 1/2 while side blade returns to original position. 

 Regular check air source processing parts, If without lubricating oil, should add it 

 Regular check if there are air leakage or oil leak in transmission part. 

 Regular check if blades become loose. 

 Check the machine periodically; make sure the circuit, air path, fastens parts in good 


8 Error analysis and troubleshooting 

Error System crashes 

Remedy Turn off power, restart 

Error Indicator light of power is off 

Remedy Check fuses burn out or not 

Error The speed of side blade is non-uniform velocity or stop 

Remedy Check whether there are particles or air pockets in the oil level tube of the 

gas-liquid converte, if so, Stopped working for a moment, or change oil 

Error There were any leaks of air or oil 

Remedy Change sealing elements or fasten pipe joint 

Error The Grippers can't hold or damaged the coconut 

Remedy Check the set of is appropriate 

Error Edge out coconut while side peeling 

Remedy Adjust the speed adjusting knob, make sure the speed is 10-14mm/s 

Error The peeling surface is rough 

Remedy Check the blade is dull or not 

Error Diameter of side peeing is uncontrollable 

Remedy Check whether there are magnets, high voltage wires and other 

electromagnetic equipment nearby 

Error Blade is not sharp 

Remedy Firstly sharpen blade by sharpening stone or sanding, the polish blade by 

fine sand paper 

Please contact service centre 

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