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Installation and Operating Guide of Garlic Peeling Machine and Garlic Clove Splitting Machine
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Garlic Peeling Machine

I. Unpacking

There is one set of garlic peeling machine, one operating manual and two sets of keys.

There are one key to the Ry-30 single-phase electric peeling machine.

II. Installation

1. The air interface of 200 Type garlic peeling machine is at the bottom right corner. The power plug is also at the bottom right corner which can be seen when opening the back door or side door of the machine.

2. The customer should prepare a pneumatic gun air pipe with the length of 5-10m. The 200 Type garlic peeling machine need a air pipe with the inside diameter of 14mm. There are samples in the machine.

3. The customer should prepare the power supply of the air compressor and connect the garlic peeling machine with the peeling machine. Note: the air pipe must be complete without joints; the joint of the air compressor and the air pipe mustn’t be less than the inside diameter of the air pipe and should be match with the inside diameter of the air pipe.

      (Make sure the air pipe and joint pagoda must be the suitable ones. Otherwise, in the real production process, although the pressure display on the barometer is normal, the pressure will be drop instantly when peeling and then the peeling rate will be low! )

III. Pilot run

1. Time setting of peeling procedures

Time adjusting must be carried out when the power supply switch is off, or time relay and electromagnetic valve malfunction will occur.

Factory Default

Air compressor model15KW-2.0m³/min

RY-200 Type and RY-300 Type: feeding 004  peeling 080   discharging 020  

2. Pressure check

The normal working range of pressure is 0.6-0.8MPa and neither too high nor too low. If it is too high, garlic damage or equipment damage will occur and the peeling rate will decrease if it is too low. When purchasing the air compressor, ask the sales person to adjust the pressure to 0.8mpa.

After setting the time for Ry-200 Type, open the power supply switch when the pressure reaches 0.7Mpa. Then the pressure range will keep in the range of 0.6-0.8Mpa.

3. After checking the pressure and time, start the machine to carry out the pilot run.

IV. Common problems and solutions

    1. Low peeling rate

One reason is that the garlic is too humid and the garlic skin is too tight. Dry the garlic in the sun because the drier the garlic is, the easier the peeling work is. The normal peeling rate is ≥ 98%.

The second is that the pressure is too low. Please check the pressure. If the air displacement of the air compressor is too small, you can prolong the discharging time of the peeling machine to save more buffer time for the air compressor.

The third is that feeding is too much. If the feeding time is too long, then the feeding materials are too many. Please reduce the feeding time and feeding quantity or prolong the peeling time properly.

2. Serious damage of the garlic

One reason is that the pressure is too high. Please reduce the pressure. The normal working range is 0.6-0.8mpa.

The second is that the peeling machine is too long. Please reduce the peeling time. The normal peeling time is 6-9s.

The third is that the garlic root isn’t cleaned or is mixed with other substances when feeding. Usually the machine won’t damage the garlic and the damage is caused by the crash between garlic roots. Please clean the garlic root and the ideal peeling effect will be achieved.

3. The garlic clove comes out from the garlic skin outlet

It is because that the feeding is too little. One is to increase the feeding time and the other is to clean the garlic skin and stem as they will affect feeding to decrease the feeding, so the garlic clove comes out from the garlic skin outlet.

    4. The discharging board doesn’t open or close or not smooth.  

The piston doesn’t open or close or its upward and downward movements are not smooth.  

The first is to check whether the time relay and electromagnetic valve work normally. You can replace the spare parts if there is any malfunction.

  If the spare parts work normally, then it is because that there are impurities in the air channel and the air channel is blocked.

   Solution: please open the back door or side door of the machine and find the electromagnetic valve with a regulating valve (two with golden yellow), loosen or fasten the regulating valve.

5. If other machines can’t work normally and it is caused by the malfunction of the machine, please contact the technical personnel.

V. Daily Maintenance
1.After daily work, use a wet towel to clean the speeling bucket and garlic juice on the premise of disconnecting the gas and power supply source.
2.Discharge the impurities in the oil-water separator promptly every day.


 Garlic Clove Splitting Machine


1.   The garlic clove can’t be too humid or too tight such as fresh garlic cove. Otherwise, the splitting machine can’t split the clove and will cause serious damage to the garlic.

2.   If the splitting effect isn’t ideal, please loosen the four lower nuts of the hand wheel uniformly and reduce the interval between millstones.

3.   If there are too many damaged garlic cloves, please fasten the four lower nuts of the hand wheel uniformly and extend the interval between millstones.

4.   If the fan power of the splitting machine is small and the rotate speed is low, then the part of the garlic cloves will be flown out if using the fan with high rotate speed. We suggest the customer to prepare a fan to be placed on the right of the discharge hole, then the splitting rate of garlic skin and garlic clove will increase.

5.   If the splitting effect isn’t satisfactory, you can repeat the splitting procedures again to increase the splitting effect.