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Hydraulic rig maintenance hydraulic system
- Nov 08, 2018 -

 Hydraulic technology is a late development, but the rapid development of new technologies, is based on fluid dynamics and gradually developed. It is mainly the use of liquid pressure and force transmission torque, the so-called hydraulic transmission.

  Correct use and maintenance of hydraulic system is to ensure the normal operation of the system, an important factor to extend the service life.

  (1) to prevent the pollution of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil pollution refers to the mixing of air, moisture and dust from the outside world and the insoluble precipitate generated by the oxidation itself. The pollution of the oil will aggravate the wear between the relative motion components in the hydraulic components, resulting in throttling of small holes Blocking or sliding valve movement stuck, and will break the chemical stability of the oil, to accelerate the production of oxides and organic impurities in the oil decomposition, according to statistics, more than 75% of hydraulic system failure is due to oil pollution Caused by the fuel tank to a reasonable seal, the prohibition of the use of non-oil seals and hoses, regular cleaning and replacement of oil to prevent oil pollution, aging.

  (2) to prevent the oil temperature is too high. Hydraulic system oil temperature is too high, will reduce the viscosity of the oil, leakage increases, the volume efficiency decreases, resulting in instability of the oil speed, oil deterioration, Mo wind aging parts, in order to avoid oil temperature, in addition to selection Recommended hydraulic oil, but also pay attention to the correct level of oil in the tank to ensure that the system has enough circulating cooling oil. At the same time to maintain adequate water cooler, the pipeline smooth.