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Hydraulic drilling machine, need to pay attention to before use
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Diesel engine maintenance instructions:

1. Selection of lubricating oil: Diesel engine oil CA30 is used in summer and diesel engine oil CA20 is used in winter.

2. Inject the cleaned lubricant into the machine with the oil level between the two scales of the oil gauge.

3. Add clean diesel to the fuel tank. No. 0 diesel is used in summer and No. 0 or -10 diesel is used in winter.

4. Use N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank, ie No. 46 hydraulic oil


Gasoline hydraulic drilling machine maintenance instructions

Gasoline engine, gasoline engine oil, gasoline, if you choose 92 according to the season

Hydraulic oil with diesel hydraulic drilling machine, using N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, No. 46 hydraulic oil