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how to use hydroponic fodder machine
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The Hydroponic Fodder Machine is widely used in the germination and growth of legumes, grasses, and liliaceae seeds. It is suitable for deserts with drought and water shortage, Gobi, small pastures of island reefs, family farms, with good growth effects and obvious yield increase. Increase income, significant benefits.

The components are composed of box insulation layer, microcomputer controller, automatic growth lamp, watering system, heating device, stainless steel growth frame and seed seedling tray. (It is also possible to increase the air conditioning, ozone, water cooling and other electrical parts according to the needs of customers in different regions. The structure is simple and easy to manage.


Soak the seeds, the customer prepares the seeds needed every day (requires clean, no soil, no impurities) into the soaking box, the time is 8-12 hours, the water temperature is normal temperature, and the time can be fished out (the factory has professional The soaking box can be purchased by the customer.) Distribute the soaked seed shovel (factory free configuration) evenly in different seedling trays, and use the squeegee (factory free configuration) to separate the seed soaking work and wait for the machine. .

Debugging machine, according to different seed and growth requirements, the working time and temperature of the internal electrical appliances of the machine are different. The growth temperature of gramineous seeds is 20-25 degrees, the interval of showering is 5 hours, and the watering time varies from 60-120 seconds depending on the size of the machine. . The growth of leguminous seeds requires a temperature of 23-30 degrees, a watering interval of 4 hours, and a watering time of 120-180 seconds. The growth temperature of Liliaceae is 16-20 degrees, the water spray interval is 4 hours, and the water spray time is 100--120 seconds. All the equipment produced by the factory has been debugged before leaving the factory. After receiving the machine, the customer only needs to turn on the power. be usable.

Setting procedure, setting the temperature of the cabinet, first turn on the switch on the back of the controller to turn on the power, press the temperature of the box above the setting screen to flash, then use the addition and subtraction adjustment to the required temperature number such as 20, continue to set After the parameters, after setting all the parameters, the computer will record the setting parameters you just made, run according to the above numbers, and the setting is completed. The water tank temperature, and the watering time, the watering interval and the above setting are the same. The customer can familiarize themselves with the control panel. The setting system has the advantages of simple operation and easy understanding. It can also be obtained from the dealer. It has simple operation and can be understood at a glance. (The machine setting steps are different for different sizes)

Seed growth, under normal circumstances, seeds need to take root in one day, germination in two days, rapid growth in three to five days, and ideal effect in 7 days (different seeds are slightly different).

Work requirements, daily scheduling of seeds and harvesting sprouts in different quantities, so that the cycle is uninterrupted, so as to ensure that fresh forage supplies fresh feed for farm animals every day.

Cleaning equipment, cabinets, growth racks, seedling trays, seed growth, will produce some harmful substances, must be planned to clean, cleaning liquid with a broad-spectrum fungicide in life, cleaning time for the box once a month, growth Once every 15 days, the seedling tray is once a day, so as to avoid breeding bacteria and harmful substances and ensure the harvest of the ideal product.

The advantages of the machine, the machine is widely used, high in technology, energy saving, reducing labor costs, can make the seed grow 5-6 times in the short term, the benefit is very high, is the vast farm, family-style workshop, ideal partner


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