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How to sprout the garlic
- Dec 25, 2018 -

For India customer, How to select the garlic seeds for garlic sprouting machine?

This sprouting machine is the modern technology and the traditional process perfect union.

It has features such as the artistic design, the control system by the computer, the automatically temperature controlled, the ozone antiseptic technology used , the automatically wayer poured on entire automation, which has advantages of time-saving, the labor saving, the low consumption, no noise and pollution and so on.

Garlic grow well in China, i believe it can grow well in India too. So we spend lot of energy and money to investigate India market.

We found that garlic seeds is the key point that whether we can sprout it successfully.

Our technical worker has been to India and research the garlic.

From the shape to see, India garlic is smaller than Chinese garlic.

About the garlic quality, garlic that with black cannot put into our machine. After soaking, this kind of garlic maybe get bad, and it also have a great influence on some other garlic grow.



How to choose a good quality garlic?

1. the larger garlic the better.

2. Guarantee that the garlic is totally fine.

3. Make sure the garlic is fresh garlic without any process

4. Two sprouting way:
  First, using water to sprout garlic. Spraying time about 30-40s, spraying internal about 4-6h.

  Second, we can put some soil on the trays. But set the spraying time 10-30s, spraying internal about 6-8h.

Either way is ok for our machine.

Just choose a way that fit for you.

5. Put the garlic root at the bottom.