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How to improve the packaging effect of vacuum packaging machine
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machine is an indispensable equipment product of many enterprises, which will make consumers more interested in buying this product. Therefore, many enterprises want to improve the packaging effect of vacuum packaging machine.

The packaging effect of vacuum packaging machine is not only related to the machine itself, but also related to the operation and maintenance of the equipment. This article recommends several points for attention and maintenance for improving the packaging effect of vacuum packaging machine.

First, attention should be paid to make sure that the effect is more beautiful.

1. the temperature of the applicable environment of the vacuum packing machine should be controlled at -10 C - 50 C, and the relative humidity of air is not more than 85%.

2., when the product is packed, the package will be rolled up, and the packed bags into the vacuum packing machine workshop should be packed. The sealing area should be placed on the silicon rubber strip, and the bags should not overlap. The bags will be pressed to the mouth of the packing bags.

3. pumping or inflated at the end of the indicating lamp is extinguished, heat sealing indicator, namely into the sealing procedure, the panel is provided with sealing time and temperature adjusting knob, in order to adapt to the different material thickness, adjusting temperature and time, the small amplitude, prevent the heat sealing temperature suddenly increased, burning heat sealing parts.

4. before starting, it is required to add HFV - 32 high speed vacuum pump oil or 32N oil to the vacuum pump according to the regulations. When the oil level is placed in the horizontal position, the oil level should be kept at 3 / 4 of the oil window. When running, the oil level should not be lower than the oil window 1/2. Too much can not be injected to prevent oil splashing.

5. vacuum packaging machine using the pump will pump rotary helix interface end, white rubber sealing pad against the exhaust port, to ensure that the joints do not leak, usually a large bag need pumping 3 to 5 minutes, about three, five hundred pumping will be obviously pumping flat phenomenon. Pay attention to continuous pumping in the use of pump, it is best not to stop