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Gas furnace adjustment
- Oct 17, 2018 -


1. The ignition switch is in the electric control box, and the ignition switch is automatically ignited. It has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and can also be fine-tuned according to the actual situation.

2. Intake adjustment: Twist the copper cap at the end of the furnace, with copper opening bolts inside, twisting inward, the air intake is small, and vice versa. The intake pressure is generally between 2 and 4 kPa. (The intake pipe is adjusted to the pressure through the pressure reducing valve and then connected to the burner)

3, the air volume adjustment: twist the outer cap, you can adjust the amount of air intake.

4. Simultaneously adjust the intake air and intake air volume to control the size of the flame to achieve uniform combustion of the furnace panel (light blue light, normal height of 1CM or high flame). Be sure to pay attention to: avoid adjustment of the intake and intake air pressure, tempering.

5, long-term use, regular inspection of each burner accessories, such as ignition needles, furnace surface ceramic plates, etc., so as not to damage and replace in time. To ensure normal use.

Common fault analysis:

1. The stove is burning normally, the temperature controller is just not going up, check if the thermometer is damaged,

2. The temperature controller does not display, check if the input voltage is normal, such as normal voltage, whether the thermometer is damaged. Or the temperature controller is damaged.

3. The temperature controller is unstable and needs to be replaced.

When the temperature reaches the high limit, it will not be powered, and when the temperature is low, it will not be powered (that is, the temperature control table shows that the temperature does not match the actual furnace temperature). Check the output of the temperature controller for the normally closed contactor. If it is normal, check the operation of the output line and the contactor. If the setting parameters are wrong, it will cause a malfunction.


Temperature adjustment of the digital display:

After the power is turned on, the digital display controller light naturally displays the temperature, and the instrument light is on. (The digital display adjustment meter has a mark, the upper limit adjustment knob, the middle is a dial switch, the lower limit adjustment knob) has a measurement pull switch (minute: upper limit temperature) Adjustment, the middle position is to display the working temperature, the lower limit temperature is adjusted), and the middle position is to display the operating temperature. When setting the upper limit temperature, adjust the upper limit temperature after pulling the pull switch to the upper limit position. (In the upper limit position, the twisting adjustment knob will display the temperature level; the temperature is freely set from normal temperature to 300 degrees) to the lower limit position to adjust the lower limit temperature (the same as the upper limit adjustment method, the twisting adjustment knob will display the temperature level; the temperature from the normal temperature Free to 300 degrees). After setting the temperature, turn the measurement pull switch back to the middle position to display the working temperature.

 If the working range is set from 160 degrees to 180 degrees, the upper limit is adjusted to 180 degrees, and the lower limit is adjusted to 160 degrees.