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Full automatic soybean milk instructions
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Automatic instant Soybean Milk machine is realized to do now is to sell a product, our company introduced advanced technology, combined with the actual consumption, carefully developed novel soy bean products processing machinery, is a revolutionary breakthrough, stainless steel manufacturing machine, accords with the food hygiene standard, and the durability of the permanent, processing technique the machine and its products is superior to the traditional workshop production incomparable, covers an area of small automated production process, has the advantages of high efficiency, time saving, low energy consumption, pollution-free advantages, is the ideal equipment for making bean products at present.


One:Product features:


1, the machine adopts brand refiner, the motor is copper wire, very durable. Excellent grinding wheel, can adjust the thickness, grinding out different degrees of soy milk

2, the steam bag in the machine steam through the boiling bucket, no valve, no blockage. At the same time steaming bag has two safety valves, air pressure is too high when the automatic pressure relief, effective elimination of security risks, so that you safe and secure use

3, steam and boiling barrels use thick steel plate, wrapped in the outer layer of 4 cm insulation asbestos, effectively prevent heat distribution, save electricity for your gas

4, the machine is to use the water vapor into the boiling barrel, the soybean milk cooked at high temperature, not as traditional cooking method is easy to cook paste, you can smell off, deodorization, maintain the original luster and protein nutrition of soy, taste more delicious, longer storage time

The machine is easy to operate and saves energy. It is used in small batch production of bean curd, bean curd and thousands of sheets. At the same time, the machine is all stainless steel production equipment. It is clean, smooth and easy to clean


Two:Technology parameter

Product name



Capacity/per time


70Soybean milk machine(gas)


0.75 KW



70Soybean milk machine(electric)


6 / 9 KW



100Soybean milk machine(gas)


1.5 KW



100Soybean milk machine(electric)


18 KW



188Soybean milk machine(gas)


2.2 KW



188Soybean milk machine(electric)


21 KW



Single row forming machine(manual/ pneumatic)





Double row molding machine(manual / pneumatic)






Three:operation steps:

1, the use of 220V voltage, two wires need to be connected to the home gate or air switch can be used. The use of 380V voltage needs 6 square copper wire, three FireWire, a zero line. If more than 50 meters, use 10 square copper wire

2, the soybean milk machine is arranged in clean and sanitary, and has a certain distance from the wall, which is convenient to connect the tap water and the drainage place, and the tap water pipe is connected to the three inlet valve gate on the side of the steam bag

3, open the steam bag three way valve switch, so that the water into the steam bag, through the water gauge to see whether normal. Water level is higher than 2/3

4, connect the power supply, open the heating switch, grinding mill start switch, before opening high tap switch.

5, after the above work debugging is completed, you can make soybean milk, soy milk cooking to complete the pulp

6, the bean curd with good halogen is put into the shaping machine and the tofu is pressed to form the bean curd, and then the soymilk machine and the shaping machine are cleaned after the manufacture


Four:the operation process: cleaning, soaking, grinding separation, boiling, pulp, molding


1, advance the soybean cleaning: clean, and then soaked in water, if you want to add mung bean, black bean, is not easy to soak the beans, half a day ahead of the best immersion cleaning.

2, soak: spring and autumn season 15-24 degrees Celsius soak for 6-8 hours, summer 20 degrees Celsius above soak 4-6 hours, winter 15 degrees Celsius soak for 10-12 hours

3, grinding: grinding open switch starting refiner, open the water tap, to soak the beans slowly into the funnel, while adding water into the ground, Soybean Milk cookingpan, from separation to slag outlet. Adjust the thickness of the screw, start grinding. The automatic separation of pulp slurry residue in bean, slag water into a paste, spoon into the hopper two grinding.

4, boiling: Soybean Milk import cookingpan after start cooking, when adding defoaming agent temperature reaches 80-90 degrees Celsius (defoamerusage see consumer agent instructions) continue to be heated to 100 degrees Celsius, Soybean Milk continue to cook for 5 minutes after boiling off steam, wait 2-5 minutes to put out the heat Soybean Milk. (Note: type 70 Soybean Milk machine grinding before the slurry outlet end of the slurry grinding down, Soybean Milk mouth up, start cooking)

5, pulp Tofu pudding (tofu curd): cooked Soybean Milk in heat insulation barrels, according to the proportion of fat within Soybean Milk required number into a spoon or cup with the amount of cold water dissolved (generally 50 pounds Soybean Milk with fat 25-30 grams), pour in Soybean Milk insulation (general temperature is 70-90 degrees Celsius). Mix evenly, cover the lid for 10 minutes or so. (Note: the proportion of fat such as excessive bean curd (brain) will have too little fat sour; the proportion of bean curd surface water.)

6, molding: Tofu drawers pour beans behind, sealed cover, so repeated several superimposed on the drawer, cover into the press table is composed of a cylinder (manual manual pressure). Pressure pressing equipment several pressure gradually after a period of time, the cylinder lift, by removing the drawer, a turning plate, exposing the cloth out. After using the cylinder rises, residue on the worktable with the water of the yellow water.


Five: formula: (tofu production)


To do a good job of Soybean Milk pulp (with fat, gypsum, brine can, bottle formula) brine dissolved in 3 kg of water per 100 kg. Soybean Milk with 1.5 kg of brine (dissolved brine). Using wood pulp while stirring with brine, until Soybean Milk into cotton like, and then solidifying with integer fat bittern then generally 50 kg Soybean Milk with fat 25-30 grams. The tofu curd stir to break, put tofu curd into tofu box, tofu wrap cloth, plate molding machine pressure increased in about 10-15 minutes, and complete the shaping process as well as tofu.

Flavor formula can be made into different flavors of soy milk according to different ingredients. When making ordinary soybean milk, 250 grams of milk powder and proper amount of coffee, spices and so on, can be made into strong nutritional soybean milk, coffee soybean milk and fruit flavored soy milk, and then frozen (or frozen) can be made into frozen soybean milk


Six:matters needing attention:


1, before starting, must ensure sufficient water source and gas

2, gas must be ignited before the work, after the gas supply

3, the steam tank water level shall not be less than 1/3 of the water gauge, or above 2/3 places for combustion

4, in use, the water level gauge switch can not be closed, otherwise the water level can not be measured, causing danger

5, when the water level gauge is lower than or the water level gauge is not in the heating process, the air screw on the water gauge can be opened to add water and add to the middle of the water gauge

6, the refiner must be in the running state to add water and soybeans, not before feeding

7, gas tank must be equipped with high pressure reducing valve, the joint shall not leak gas

8, when cleaning sewage, all power, water and gas must be cut off

9, do not arbitrarily modify the electrical piping components of the machine

10, after the completion of the work, use water to filter the remaining slag on the hopper net and then dry it, and then close