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frequently ask questions of water well drilling machine
- Jun 28, 2018 -


Question: Which type drilling machine shall I choose to drill a well?

Answer: Water well drilling machine can be two types: Mechanical and Hydraulic. 


As every region has its environmental, weather and geological conditions, which will greatly affect well construction. If there is no rock in the soil, we can choose portable electric type mechanical drilling machine; for areas where people have limit access to electricity, can choose our portable diesel hydraulic type or gasoline hydraulic type machine. For more active drilling or where there is rock we recommend the hydraulic drilling machine for its ease of use and efficiency. The other consideration is the depth. Well depth varies, the drilling rod length varies, after you estimate the well depth that you need to drill at your location, can choose machine type accordingly. If you need drilling to more depth, hydraulic drilling machine will be better choice.  


Question: About how many different types of drilling methods are used?


Rotary and percussive drilling

Rotary and percussive drilling is very popular drilling method. In this drilling, the borehole size is a little larger than the casing size. Several types of bits are available, such as alloy bits, PDC bit and tri-cone bit, etc.


Other methods include Auger Drilling, Hand Drilling, DTH Drilling, etc.


Question: What type of bit comes with the rig package?

Answer: The typical drilling machine package shall include 80-100mm and 133-350mm drag bits and a 80-200mm PDC bits. PDC bit is necessary for rock drilling. Sometimes you can also add tri-cone bit for total hard rock drilling.


Question: How much do your water well drilling machine cost?

Answer: Our water well rigs are reasonable priced. We offer basic drilling machine set starting at USD1,500 and complete machine set packages starting at USD15,000.



Question: Should I buy diesel hydraulic type or gas hydraulic type water well drilling machine?

Answer: It will depend on the availability of fuel on own side. If it is convenient for you to get good quality gasoline then you can select gas hydraulic type. Diesel hydraulic type is a little more fuel efficient but the purchase cost and long-term maintenance costs can be higher.

Question: What diameter well can I drill?

Answer: The typical well diameter ranges from 100mm to 200mm. Depth capacity for all our water well drilling machines is based on this size range. We also have 500mm available if a larger diameter is required, although the maximum depth will be reduced.


Question: How many people does it take to operate the drilling machine?

Answer: Portable type water well drilling machine, one person can operate safely; Tractor type, four persons shall be OK for safe operation.