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Electric 180 Drilling Machine Instruction Manual
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Thank you for choosing our company's drilling machine, please follow the instructions below:

I. Installation and Commissioning

1. First, check if the rig equipment, tool accessories, etc. are in good condition.

2. Add the right amount of gear oil to the lifter.

3. Transform the 220V voltage to the 60V charger, adjust the current to 2 to 3 gears, plug one end of the charger plug into the 220V voltage, and connect the other end to the jack of the drill.

4. The reverse switch has a signature copy and operates according to the label.

5. Use the buttons on the hoist to raise or lower the rig.

6. When lifting, do not raise the rig too high. It is forbidden to stand or work below.

7. Please read the instructions carefully and perform the actual drilling work after the test run is good.

II. Water Layer Mastery

When the rig is drilled to the required depth, it should be noted that the water is washed with large sand or muddy paste. Like water white clay eggs, the circle is irregular and a bit smooth. These phenomena are all layers of water, drilled into this position. Just fine.

III. Equipment Service

Check the gearbox of the rig and the gearbox of the lifter for lack of oil. After each drilling, flush the pump, drill bit and section head, and check the joint head, reverse switch, V-belt, wire rope, etc. for damage.

IV. Precautions

1. When working, the wire must use a leakage protector.

2. In actual drilling, first find the wellhead position and level the position of the rig to avoid shaking.

3. Stand up the folding part of the rig and tighten the fixing point screws.

4. Connect one end of the high-pressure water pipe to the water inlet of the main machine and the other end to the water outlet of the water pump. Tighten with a wire.

5. Dig a reservoir next to the rig, put the pump directly in the pool, and use circulating water when working.

6. During drilling, the safety cover is opened, the drill bit and the drill pipe, the main machine, and the wire rope are kept loose. Each rod must be drilled to the end, and the main part is dropped to the bottom. When changing the rod, lift it up again, close the safety cover, let the joint head be 5 cm above the safety cover, pour the wire at this position, and insert the special wrench into the joint head to rewind the wire.

7. When drilling 2 to 3 drill pipes, make sure that the pump is blocked by mud and keep the water flowing through the pump so as not to block the drill bit or the mud can not be washed up, which makes the lifting rod difficult.

8. When drilling, if you need to reverse the wire, first stop the reverse switch in the middle position, wait for the rig speed to stop, then rewind the wire, which will prolong the life of the reducer. If used improperly, the counter-attack force will be generated inside the reducer. Too large will reduce the life of the reducer and even cause damage.

9. In the process of transport, can be installed separately, be careful of parts and wires to avoid collision or rain.


Skeleton Oil Seal Installation Precautions:

1. The outer diameter of the oil seal and the lip must be coated with a layer of lubricant.

2. Uniform speed and pressure should be used in the oil package to prevent the spring from falling off.

3. In this structure, the lip of the oil seal should face the side of the water, so as to ensure that there is no water leakage when there is water pressure. If the direction is reversed, it will leak.