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Dual Head weighing package machine manual
- Sep 06, 2018 -


1. The main parameters


Packing range 10 ~ 1000g

Speed: up to 35 bags / min depending on product

Display accuracy 0.1/1g

Power requirements 230VAC 10A single phase 300W

Weight automatic tracking correction

Adjustable supplementary vibration control



2.    Preparation

Machine should be used on flat level ground.

Scale heads should be empty prior to calibration at the commencement of each day

The weighing buckets should not be included in weight.

The machine should be kept clean and dry at all times.

The machine should be operated by competent persons





3. Getting to know the machine


Turn on the power for the machine and observe control panel. After 5-10 seconds the machine will display the title screen




Title screen


Press anywhere on the title screen and it will then display the start screen



Start screen


Press the Work Icon to go to the working screen.


Work screen


In this screen you are able to manually control several functions of the machine.


Run / Stop

Release, which will open both weigh doors

Enter continuous mode

Clear the bag counter

Set the target weight

View bags per minute



Press anywhere of the black screen area to enter the Parameters screen



Parameters screen


Use this screen to…

Set Vibration levels

Control filling speed via weight settings

View filling times

Manually control fill on / off

Manually control discharge

Calibrate the weigh heads.

View settings between head 1 and head 2


Press Return to go back to the work screen, and then press the home button  image.png to take you back to the Start screen. On the start screen press the Test Icon  image.png This will take you to the Test screen.


The Test screen.


From this screen you can..

Manually Feed, stop feed, Discharge, change vibration intensity.

Use this screen to purge the machine.



4. Initial Calibration (Recommended to do this at the start of each day)


To calibrate the machine do the following steps…

1. Go to parameters screen

2. Press Calibrate (shows 8888 then will go to Zero)

3. Place on test weight (E.g. 500g)

4. Enter 500g into box showing 0g (lower left corner) regardless of what the screen shows.

5. Press calibrate again (screen will show 8888 again then 500g)

6. Press save and remove test weight, screen should show Zero

7. Press save again and then Return.



5. Example setting

The following is an example of how to set the machine for a product. (750g in this example)

1. Turn on the machine and go to the working screen

2. Calibrate machine

3. Enter the target weight

4. Put product into machine and adjust gates to suit product

5. Go to Parameters screen

6. Using 1 head only, manually start machine using the on / off button

7. When weight is reached it may be over or under set weight.

8. Adjust weight and vibration settings to suit product, adjust gates to control flow of product

9. When satisfied, press save and change to 2nd head, transfer settings and press save

10. Return to work screen, press Zero.

11. Press Run

12. Turn on both heads

13. Use foot switch to drop product.




6. Purging


1. Press stop

2. Press Home

3. Press Test

4. Open Flow gates fully

5. Ensure container under chute

6. Remove upper doors from weigh heads

7. On Test screen press Initial (Press Cease feed any time to stop / change containers)

8. Adjust slow vibration feed setting if required to 250

9. When empty, press Cease feed

10. Return slow vibration setting to previous setting if changed.



7. Cleaning


The machine can be disassembled for cleaning.

The top hopper can be removed by removing the 4 knobs and lifting off (2 Persons required)

The opening doors of the weigh heads can be lifted off and the backing plates can be unbolted.

NOTE: It is important that the doors and plates are kept as a pair, Left and Right

When the weigh head doors are removed, the chute can be removed by undoing 1 knob at the front and sliding out. The chute must be reinstalled before replacing the weigh head doors and plates.

From the back of the machine each vibrator can also be removed buy unplugging each one and lifting out. These vibrators must not be subjected to water. The vibrators are numbered for correct installation, this must be observed.


The white paint on the seams of the machine is industrial food grade paint and abrasive cleaning should be avoided on these areas


8. Button descriptions


The Start screen:


image.pngPress the Work Icon to go to the work screen


image.pngPress the Test Icon to go to the test screen



The Working screen…

image.png Press the numbers to enter the target weight

image.pngThis will display the number of cycles per minute when the machine is in the RUN               mode

image.pngPress clear to reset the cycle counter to zero

image.pngThis screen will show how much weight is in the hopper and will also allow you to turn on or off the vibrators. There is a left hopper and right hopper. Touch the black area to go to the Parameters screen.

image.pngPressing the run button will set the machine into running mode, dropping of product can then be done by the foot switch when the operator is ready. If both heads are on, the hoppers will open in turn. When pressed, this button will change to STOP, which will deactivate the foot switch.

image.pngPressing Zero will reset the shown weight to 0g.

image.pngimage.png Release or Discharge will have the same function, by pressing either of these will open the weighing hopper and release or discharge product.

image.png This button will set the weigh hoppers to open automatically after set weight is reached; it not recommended to be used

image.png NOT IN USE

image.png Home button, pressing this will take you back to the Start screen.


The Parameters screen。To get to the parameters screen, press any of the black area on the work screen.

image.png Use these buttons to switch between parameter screens for each weigh head.

image.png This is the ON / OFF switch for the vibrators for the head that is shown as 1 (Left) or 2 (Right)

image.png Press when calibrating machine. Touch the number 0g to input the calibration weight

image.png Save. Use this after making changes to any of the parameters, calibration, weight changes, vibration changes etc.

image.png This button will return you to the previous screen.

image.png  NOT IN USE


The Test Screen


Vibration and feed controls. These will control the vibration intensity. Press on the number above the buttons to change the intensity level

Cease Feed will stop the vibration

Discharge will open the hopper door and release product

image.png NOT IN USE, This would be connected to an automatic feeding hopper.

image.png This symbols appears on many screens, pressing it will give you additional information.