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Drilling machine internal knowledge is very rich
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Many people more understanding of drilling machine is still very one-sided, in fact, drilling machine inside is very rich, and today we simply to shun once.

  (1) Drilling machine drill bit oblique cut-off index and the opposite sex index and the comprehensive cutting anisotropy index and other concepts, derived for drilling rig drilling, volume crushing and surface crushing conditions of the natural make oblique general Nongda And simplified form. The formulas of strata deformation and deformation force and strata deformation azimuth in directional drilling are deduced by using drilling and boring coning method of drilling machine, which provides the foundation for the quantitative analysis of formation force for drilling machine orientation and orbit control. It is verified that the theoretical analysis results are in good agreement with the drilling practice.

  (2) Based on the proposed new concept, the critical formation dip equation is found, which provides a preliminary quantitative explanation for judging the drilling bit tendency.

  (3) Directional and small stratigraphic changes in formation force, stratum deformation, spillway inclination, weight-on-bit, dip of strata, anisotropy index of drilling machine drill bit anisotropy, formation anisotropy index, Upward azimuth force, may also be reduced azimuth force. Under normal circumstances, the formation of variable well inclination to drill the drill bit trajectory towards the formation of the normal approach, the formation of variable azimuth force of the well body direction to stratigraphic orientation closer. When the wellbore position of drilling machine is consistent with the orientation of the formation, the formation variable azimuth force is zero.

  (4) Drilling machine stratigraphic force is proportional to the weight-on-bit, increasing bit-pressure will detect stratum obviously increased.