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Commissioning and maintenance of corn extruder
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Puffing machine belongs to a processing device for processing puffed food, in the daily life of rice, corn, soybean and wheat. The main working principle is the mechanical energy into heat energy when the machine turned the heat generated by the food cooked by extrusion, the most obvious characteristics of puffed food is bigger.

Corn puffer is one of our common puffing equipment. Before the corn extruder is used, it must be debugged to ensure its smooth work. What should be done for debugging?

1, before using, we should first remove the nozzle of corn extruder and apply some edible oil to the thread and screw head of the sprinkler head, then tighten the spray head, tighten the front flange and mix the rear flanges.

2, after the start, first idling for half a minute, if there is no abnormal sound, you can put a wet corn into popcorn machine, when sprayed by hand to crush, you can replace the dry corn, and gradually increase the amount of investment.

3, if in the operation, corn puffing machine has refeed phenomenon, that material too, nozzle temperature up to 120 degrees, this time should stop feeding, air nozzle to spray again when re feeding. If the flower of the sprinkler has a hard core, it indicates that the temperature in the machine is low, and the blanking should be stopped for a moment, and then the flower will be discharged after the flower is sprayed normally.

In addition, how should we maintain the expansion machine equipment? First, due to its proximity to the outlet of the wearing is relatively fast, close to the inlet end of the wearing less, so the replacement of wearing parts, from the discharge end are replaced, not a replacement of multiple parts, then expanded materials should be cleaned, to prevent the metal foreign body into the machine and mechanical damage at any time, check the quality of puffing machine, pay attention to the replacement of wearing parts.