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A course of installation and use of ice cream machines
- Mar 13, 2018 -

The ice cream machine is easy to install and use. We only need to install the plate and handle, so it can be used normally.

The installation of ice cream machine

1, the machine should be installed on the horizontal position of heat dissipation and ventilation, and the worktable should be firm, avoiding heat source and direct sunlight. Each air grid has 50 space with walls or similar obstacles.

2, the environment temperature is 5-40 degrees C, ensure the normal use, and keep well ventilated, dry and clean.

3, ensure that the working voltage is consistent with the voltage indicated by the nameplate on the machine.

4. In the process of machine handling or movement, it is not allowed to tilt over 45 degrees.

5, the power line brought out by the machine is connected with the power supply, and the connection between the Yellow / green line and the ground wire is reliable, so it is safe to use.

The use and attention of ice cream machine

The ratio of A and powder to water must be standard. If water is too much, it will cause damage to machine agitator and belt, and noise will increase. If the water is small, ice cream will not form in the set temperature range.

B, the slurry temperature that enters the machine 3-35 degrees C, the temperature is too low, too high will affect the normal use of the machine.

C, the remaining slurry that is frozen all over the other day, can not be directly put into the machine, and should be used with the new material.

Ice cream machine installation problem

The general requirement of power supply in the domestic use of the ice cream machine is 220V/50HZ, which is 220V/60HZ of some countries such as South Korea, some 110V/60HZ such as Japan, if you want to bring the domestic machine to use foreign or foreign machines to domestic use, confirm the corresponding electrical requirements, need to buy the corresponding connection in order to use converter in the connection, the ice cream machine connected to the three plug before use, or directly connected to the air switch.

In the choice of connector should pay attention to what is the rated input power of ice cream machine, the following general 2.2KW machine using 10 Amp Plug (10A plug) can use 16 Amp Plug 2.2KW-3.5KW (16A plug), then the corresponding socket socket please to select 10A or 16A, if not, will the socket and plug cannot connect up, if you use less than rated current power supply wiring requirements are likely to lead to the heating power line or short circuit, if you do not really understand the electricity to find a electrician to help pick up OK. In addition, the ice cream machine using 380V power supply should be connected separately. Before buying, please confirm that your use site can meet the wiring requirements.

Cold system test of ice cream mechanism

After the power connection is completed, the ice cream machine can be debugged next. Before debugging, please sterilize and clean the ice cream machine. After cleaning the ice cream machine, connect the power switch on the ice cream machine, digital display 00 words, press the start button (no discharge condition), the ice cream machine LED digital display plate numbers will change, about 5 seconds will hear the compressor startup sound, then the digital tube digital observation whether it will change to the (if the temperature control type digital tube display temperature will continue downward, continuous change) change that refrigeration system in normal operation, it is time to stop immediately, because long time no empty material will cause the freezing cylinder machine operation.

If there is no change for a long time, there is a problem in the refrigeration system or the control board circuit. For there is no digital tube ice cream machine or digital tube control circuit damaged effective inspection method of refrigeration system is functioning properly is the distribution body of ice cream machine (with material in front of the raft) inserted, the stirring shaft will start to run out, directly by hand touch system has no change in temperature feeling the cold cylinder can be judged.