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Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

It is widely used in food processing, such as purple yam , sweet potato , pumpkin slice , mango , apple , banana , data , pineapple , kiwi berry , strawberry , ginger , onion , carrot , garlic , ginseng , mushroom , red ginseng , honysuckle , etcMost of the air is circled inside the oven,with high hot efficiency,and the energy can be saved;

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Product Details

product feature and application of the stainless steel fooddehydrator

1. The industrial food dehydrator adopts a hot air circulation system, which is efficient and can dehydrate food quickly.
2. Functional components: heating elements, fans, timers, thermostats, trays, etc.
3. Industrial food dehydrators are suitable for dried fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts and other kinds of food.
4. Temperature control and timer function, set temperature and timer according to different foods.
5. Adjustable temperature: 35 - 70 degrees or 95 - 158 degrees
6. Easy to operate and clean, high energy efficiency, maintain food nutrition
7. Forced hot air convection, uniform heating, same for each tray
8. Using an air circulation fan, forced hot air convection provides uniform heat and uniformly impacts all trays; Heat is blown from the back to the front at a uniform temperature.

Name: dehydrator



Product Description of the Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

1、Most of the air is circled inside the oven,with high hot efficiency,and the energy can be saved;

2、The role of the use of forced ventilation, adjustable sub-box with the wind plates ,the dry materials evenly;

3、Heat source can be steam,hot water, electricity, far infrared, having a wide choice;

4、The machine has the features of temperature control, easy installation and maintenance and balance running;

5、Using our machine can dry a lot of materials, meeting your different needs.

product parameter(specification) of the Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator




Stainless steel

Functional parts

Heating element ,fan,timer,thermostat ,trays,etc


110/220 V


35-68 C,adjustable

Sliding trays,tray size

36*40 cm,10 trays

Apply to

Vegetables ,Fruits,fishes,herbs for meats,jerky and   etc

Product size

W45*H41* D 52 cm


Easy operation and cleaning high energy efficiency


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